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Species: Targathian
Lifeform: Huminide
Place of origin: Planet Thargatia
Live span: 90 - 110 years

The Targathians look very much like humas, but they are bold and have two bulged bows over their nose. Their planet is colder than Earth and consists only of two continents and one large sea. Targathians did not reach a high technology level but developed a very pacifistic religion and are medical experts. When the Meechans arrived at Targathia to check if they could sell or buy weapons and realized they could not make their war business, they stole nearly all food from the Targathians so lots of them had to suffer. Fortunately, an exploration ship from Earth visited the planet some time after the Meechans left and could help them. For future protection, the Taragians founded the Galactic Union with the humans and Mak'Tar and are glad to serve others with their high medical knowledge and abilities.


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