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Episodes 41 - 50


Episode #41: "The Bivrakium Element"

Raggert protecting LazarusThe episode begins with Commander Taggert bravely standing his ground against an alien army on the planet Peraxis 5, saving the life of his closest friend and advisor, Dr. Lazarus. As the smoke settles the episode takes a Rashomon-like turn with Dr. Lazarus, Commander Taggert, Lt. Madison, and Tech Sergeant Chen telling a court martial how they got engaged in battle with the aliens instead of finding a peaceful solution. Everybody tells another version of the story, so at the end, they all are about to be found guilty. However, Commander Taggert suggests the court to hypnotize Dr. Lazarus and to question him again. Dr. Lazarus is finally telling what really happened and the court finally acquits the crew.

Episode #42: "The Silent Story" Neu

Taggert smilingThe Protector takes a group of Tikkos on board who want to be escorted for visiting a food fair. The Tikkos are just as half tall as humans, their language squeaks and they look like little carrows with some tentacles around their body. Although it is known that they hate it, some crew members making fun of their body and language. Angry and insulted, the Tikkos blow a yellow cloud in the air, and after it mixed with the air and is breathed, everybody looses the voice. The commander, very puzzeled, holds a conference and tries to change the mind of the Tikkos, typing all messages via keyboard and producing typos all the time. Finally the Tikko boss says there is no antidote, but the paralyzed voice effect will disappear in 4 hours. Even worse, the Protector meets a Meechan ship which wants to communicate. The Tikko boss suggests to talk, but the commander denies. Taggert tries to speak as hard as he can, but just a caw is to hear, and is wild gesticulating. The Meechans, thinking he makes fun of them, decide to test their latest weapon, and when they fire, a kind of dark sphere is created around the Protector, stopping all engine and blaster activity. Lt. Madison gets an idea and asks Tech Sgt. Chen to modify a voice translator for the Tikkos, simulating the voice of Taggert while the Tikko boss speaks. Suddenly, the Meechan commander contacts the Protector, saying the crew should surrender. Taggert answers (moving lips while the Tikko boss is speaking), they will never surrender, but if the Meechans do not remove their sphere, they will see the power of the Tikkos. As expected, the Meechans just laugh loudly, but then the Tikkos stand together, humming in a special way, producing another sphere, and suddenly the engines and blasters working again. The Meechans, very shocked from this power, decide to escape. When they are gone, the crew finally gets their voices again, so Taggert thanks the Tikko boss and promises never to underestimate the little aliens again.

Episode #43: "The Wormy Wormhole" Neu

Glow wormsDuring a mission on planet Daarega, a Meechan, clothed like a Daaregan, enters the board of the Protector and can change a circuit of the engine control unit undiscovered. When the Protector left planet Daarega and moves into the next wormhole, the crew realizes that there seems to be no end, the exit will not come, nor is Laredo able to detect it. Plus, Lt. Madison realizes a stream of strange glowing individuals coming to the Protector and passing it, Dr. Lazarus specifies it as the space worm as told it legends but have never seen before. Taggert orders to stop the engines, but when the Protector becomes slower, some space worms hit the ship and get it lurching, so Taggert orders to accelerate again. For finding a solution, Lt. Madion suggests to catch a space worm and try a communication. Taggert asks Tech Sgt. Chen to create a trap. After they manage to catch a worm with this trap, a communcation fails first because the worm does not react. So Dr. Lazarus performs a mind bending and explores that his high intelligent individual consists of graviton and photon plasma, being able to move in any space time tunnel, and communicates in pictures. With help of Dr. Lazarus computer, Taggert can ask the worm for the wormhole exit. The worm says they can exit at any position but something is wrong with their ship and he can detect it if they allow him to move into the ship energy system. Taggert agrees and the worm tells them after a while their ship is not producing enough negative gravitation. When Tech Sgt. Chen checks it, he realizes the cloaked Meechan circuit and replaces it with the original. Finally the Protector can leave the wormhole. Surprisingly, they meet the Meechans who were happy to send the Protector to a never ending wormhole drive and after a short fight (with no chance for the Meechans as the worm gives the protection shield 10 times more power), they can arrest them, thank the worm and release him to find another wormhole in space.

Episode #44: "The Gods Quest" Neu

Crew with rocksLooking for a shortcut, the Protector contracts a Telluronic ship for help. The Tellurics are smaller than humans but their head is flat and much larger. The Telluric commander tells them there is a shortcut, but they have to pass a wormhole which is astable sometimes. While Lt. Madison agrees not to take the shortcut, the commander means he would never give up, not even for wormholes, and lets Laredo set the course. Finally, they find it and rush into with full speed ahead - then it collapses. Taggert, Lt. Madison, Dr. Lazarus, Tech Sgt. Chen, Loredo and a crewman named Guy (who was accidentally near Taggert) now find themselfs on a rocky planet. When they look forward, they see a somebody ten times larger then they are, looking anchient, with a hammer in his hand. Dr. Lazarus recognized that this can only be Grapthar and bows down gracefully. But Taggert thinks this is just an illusion and bumps the feet of the giant. Realizing that this was an error, the giant says he really is Grapthar and they now have to pay for insulting him by being separated in three groups and must resolve a quest. Taggart and Dr. Lazarus are suddenly on a rock, encircled by demon children with sharp teeth. "Find their fear" says Grapthar and leaves. While they think about it, the demon children try to climb the rock and become more and more successful. Taggert orders Dr. Lazarus to throw away his rucksack for escaping while the demon children try to get it. Annoyed, the doctor follows, it falls down some meters away and crushes, and when the demon children open it, some Kep-Mok Bloodticks move out. Shocked from this, the demon children run away. Lt. Madison and Laredo are trapped in a cavern which walls become more and more narrow. A large man tells them he is Wavran, the god of wisdom, who lets them go if they can answer which instrument cannot be seen, but heard and played, and leaves. Madison and Laredo are quite desparate, but then two boys appear, telling them they are Vron and Pron, the sons of Wavran, and they should sing then they know the answer. Madison and Loredo start to sind but the walls do not stop. Finally they get it: The instrument is the voice. Fred Chen and Guy are visited by Ipthar, the godess of protection, bringing them to a hot place with a little flower, giving them a cup of water and telling them they can either protect themselfs or the plant with it. When she returns, Fred and Guy drank almost nothing but gave most to the flower to proctect it from drying out. Finally, all are in front of the gods and Grapthar tells them, they solved the quest and he will send them out of the worm hole again. After return on the ship, Taggert tells Dr. Lazarus next time they must take a Christmas worm whole for getting much more value from it.

Episode #45: "Taggert Extra Large" Neu

Taggert and Xarraks Follwing a request for observation of a trade accord with the Ssazzbatts, the Protector crew lands on planet Carnac. The Carnacs look like humas, but with legs twice as long. No wonder that Taggert and the others feel little, and Lt. Laredo even tiny. A day before the trade accord is planned to be signed, the Carnac president invites the crew to a dinner. The daughter of the President gets a crush on Taggert while he talks about past adventures and mixes some kind of powder in his drink undiscovered. During night, a group of Meechans hijack the crew when they sleep, carries them to their shuttle and relases them somewhere on the planet. When they wake up, they find themselfs in a jungle looking environment, and even worse, Taggert realizes his legs are twice as long which he cannot explain. Now they try to find a way back to the civilization, and Taggert is the only one who can reach fruits or water from blades thanks to his long legs. Although the Meechans took all their weapons and meeting a dragon like creature which almost eats them, they manage to come back to the city of the Carnac president, but the building is locked for safety. Fortunately, Dr. Lazarus studied it building structure already so he knows a secret way to get in - through the energy center. So they get in, but near the center, they meet some Meechans, covered as Ssazzbatts, and have to fight with them. Finally they can get into the center and stop the signing procedure, disclosing that the Ssazzbatts are covered Meechans wanting to make an armament contract. The Meechans flee and Taggert gets an antidote for getting his normal legs again.

Episode #46: "Dr. Lazarus And The Lizard" Neu 

Dr. Lazarus Mind BendingDuring a visit of Star Base 7, a Mak'Tar lizard grower asks commander Taggert to take him to the Star Base 4 mini zoo. Taggert, thinking of little animals, agrees, but when the grower comes on board, he shows some large cages with liazrds of little crocodile size which seem to be aggresive. More stangely, the cages are made from plastic. When Taggert asks Dr. Lazarus, he tells him that Mak'Tar lizards are usually larger than on Earth and eat all kind of metal. Laredo is fascinated from these animals, and after his shift finished, the goes to the cargo hold and plays a bit with the cage, so that one lizard can escape all of a sudden. First shocked, then remembering his obligation, the informs the commander about the incident. The lizard grower says the crew is not in danger but the ship as the lizard will eat every metal which could stop him. While Tech Sgt. Chen and his men are repairing the damage, Taggert and Dr. Lazarus try to find the animal and find it by hearing it rasping in some sort of aircon tunnel. Dr. Lazarus says he can feel the animal is unusually furious and suggests a mind bending to get the reason. Taggert agrees, and during the procedure, the hears from Dr. Lazarus, speaking with another voice, that the animal and the other ones where captured, mistreated and should be sold to someone. When they confront the lizard grower with this statement, he laughts and says it is a misinterpretition, but then Taggert suggests the grower can spend the rest of the travel in the cage with the animals. Fearing that, the grower admits he hot an offer from the Meechans to deliver the lizards for weapon experiments. Lt. Madison detects something strange with the grower, shouts "Why don't you show your real face" and tears down his mask - which turns out he is a Ssazzbatt. Taggert orders to arrest him and brings back the animals to Mak'Tar.

Episode #47: "Meeting the Questars" Neu

Taggert commandingThe Meechans got a technology from the Questars to open artificial wormholes which twists all kind of objects, even planets, and threaten members of the Galactic Union with this weapon. The Questars are a mighty civilisation on a much higher technology level as the Galactic Union, with species looking like humans with double large heads, but do usually not get in touch with people do not having their level. After commander Taggerts nagotiations with the Meechans failed and they demonstrated the power of their wormhole generator by twisting the Protector, the crew finds itself in a very strange environment looking like a large tower with thousands of staircases. Lots of Questarts go up and down, wearing books, computers, maps and instruments and talking to others or themselfs. When Taggert or Dr. Lazarus ask them about the Meechans, they do not know but start to talk a lot about their work and subject. Then Lt. Madison gets an idea and tells the next Questar there are Meechans who invented a new kind of wormhole accelerator and the Meechan department has to be informed. Finally a Questar takes them to some kind of office where they meet a quite young Questar introducing himself as Qui. When Lt. Madison explains the problem, Qui wonders, then checks it and finally says there was a destination error because the wormhole generator delivery address was mixed. A discussion follows and Tech Sgt. Chen gets an idea for a solution. When the Protector leaves the wormhole again, Taggert says to the Meechans the generator is actually useless because all objects would return at their place again. The Meechans do not believe that and want to twist the Protector again, but the crew starts a wormhole by using the second generator they lent from Qui, and when both wormholes meet, a big explosion follows and the shockwave moves the Protector a bit because Tech Sgt. Chen was prepared, but the surprised Meechans are pushed lightyears away.

Episode #48: "The Secret Of The Power Tree Plant" Neu

Protector explodingThe Protector docked on Star Base 7 for a regular check which needs some days. While the crew spends their spare time in the amusement center of the base, Dr. Laszarus uses the chance to invite them for a lecture of his power tree plant, but nobody attends except the commander. Dr. Lazarus wants to cancel but Taggert can convince him to start and tries to listen carefully, however falls asleep on the half way and suddenly wakes up from an alarm noise and ringing of his vox communicator. When he opens it, he reads a message from the headquarter to go to Navrox 5 for an emergency, the local mining company is in conflict with Ssazzbatts for getting a Beryllium resource. Although the ship is not checked completely, Taggert follows and when he finally lands on the planet, the mining boss tells him the Ssazzbatts wanted to sell the resource area claiming they had been there earlier, but when their offer was declined, they disappeard suddenly. Dr. Lazarus wonders because Ssazzbatts do not give up so quickly, and is right because Taggert gets a call from Lt. Madison that the Ssazzbatt ship returned and ordered the Protector not to gear into the conflict. The commander and Dr. Lazarus return on board and tell the Ssazzbatt commander they would not disappear, so the Ssazzbatt commander tells them he has to take more severe actions and suddenly Laredo says there is another ship - from the Meechans. Now surrounded, the Ssazzbatt commander fires his blasters for demonstration and tells the Protector crew to surrender within 15 minutes or the blasters will shoot. Even worse, Tech Sgt. Chen informs the commander the Protector blasters were locked for security reasons for the regular check and could not be unlocked for some more hours. Dr. Lazarus says that surrender is the only option but Taggert denies, trying to remember something, and getting it after a while. He asks Dr. Lazarus about the fact the power tree plant is able to create a kind of electric field deflecting all energy outside from it. Dr. Lazarus agrees, but that is only when the tree tries to impress a mate, and there is no second tree like this on board. Lt. Madison gets the idea and asks if that mate could be simulated, and gets the answer it was possible but never tried yet. Taggert orders Dr. Lazarus to give all details to Tech Sgt. Chen, telling him he gets 10 minutes to complete. When 10 minutes are almost over, Tech Sgt. Chen presents a kind of mini tree looking similar to the power tree, and when he activates it, its sending some frequencies for communication. Nothing happens, and when Lt. Madison tells the Ssazzbatt commander requires an answer now, Taggert tells him the is forced to activate a secret weapon if the Ssazzbatt fires. Of course nobody believes him and when the first shots hit the Protector, Tech Sgt. Chen finally gets the right frequencies and Dr. Lazarus tree is creating slowly, then more faster and stronger to create the electric field. The Meechans and Ssazzbatts fire as hard as they can, but it has no effect, and when the reinforcement arrives, which Lt. Madison called before Taggert returned to ship, they give up and escape. Taggert is so happy that he orders to fly to Mak'Tar and getting a real mate for Dr. Lazarus great power tree plant.

Episode #49: "The Killer Asteroid" Neu

Protector with sattelite

A mysterious hole located in gamma sector is attracting everything it can get. Strangely it is neither a black hole nor a singularity because some objects which moved into the hole come back - but are in a from either they had in past or they will have in future. The Meechans are now very interested and send more and more weapons to that hole, hoping they can get a much better future version of it. The catastrophy starts when they send a thermnukelar subparticel bomb which comes back so powerful that it explodes and creates a kind of artificial fast rotating asteroid emitting beams of deadly energy everywhere, moves fast forward and cannot be stopped with any conventional weapon the Meechans having and activating. Taggert is just sitting on a beach with Lt. Madison, enjoying the artificial holiday world of Star Base 3, when his vox communicator calls him to get the message. Soon on board with the crew, he starts a discussion with Tech Sgt. Chen and Dr. Lazarus of what to do next. They first get the idea that an artificial black hole has to be created, but this would need more time than it is left, and their next idea is to create an energy absorber. After Tech Sgt. Chen constructed it, they activate it and send it to the killer asteroid, but it has no effect. Dr. Lazarus says the problem is that this asteroid is carrying space time energy of the future, supported from the mysterious hole, so the only way is to get this hole closed. When they are near the hole, Taggert orders Tech Sgt. Chen to send a sattelite into the hole to study it, and from the data of the sattelite, they understand that the hole is actually a conflict of overlapping dimensions, created by weapon experiments of the Meechans, and can only be corrected by sending something which is at the end of its lifetime and must have high energy. First nobody knows such an object, then Laredo plays with a star in front of Dr. Lazarus - which gets him the right idea: A neutron star is the right object. The problem is that a neutron star is hard to move because of its gigantic graviation, so Taggert calls for reinforcement of three ships. After they arrived, formed a square and and move a neutron star with their tractor beams, a Meechan ship appears and the commander demands to stop and leave the hole untouched as it is needed for future experiments. Dr. Lazarus is bluffing and tells them he calculated the direction of the killer asteroid which will touch the Meechan home planet directly. Fortunately it works and they can continue, move the neutron star into the hole, which first collapses, then explodes and then disappears together with the killer asteroid.

Episode #50: "The Evil Surprise" Neu

Taggert, Madison and the stompersWhen he drinks his beloved fruit milkshake in a bar on Dareeda 9, Laredo meets a strange person telling him he was a member of a game company which has its special price week currenty, so he can get computer games for a very cheap price. When Laredo declines, the man is not amused, but tells him he can have a look at the latest demo and if he reaches level 10, a surprise will happen. Getting curious, Laredo takes the media and when he is back in his cabin, he starts to play. Hours and hours are passing and when he finally reaches level 10, a skull appears, congratulating in strange letters and vanishes. Disappointed, Loredo forgets the game and goes for his shift. Outside the Protector, the crew just detected a strange kind of moon with an extraordinary strong deflector shield. Dr. Lazarus supposes it is artifical and gets confirmed by Tech Sgt. Chen, using his new anti deflection scanner which works but still needs a lot of energy, so he can only use it for seconds. When the Protector is preparing to load the reflector cannon for neutralizing the deflector shield, a Meechan ship appears demanding their surrender or they will get a surprise. Laredo wonders where he heard this voice already, but when Taggert says the Protector will never surrender, the Meechan commander laughts and pushes a button. Suddenly, red alert is started and the computer voice says there are 10 minutes left until self destruction. Dr. Lazarus informes there is some kind of virus in the computer system of the Protector which started the self destruction process. While he and Tech Sgt. Chen are trying to locate and eleminate the virus, Taggert takes Lt. Madison to go down the machine tunnel of the ship and find the emergency console to stop the self destruction. On the way, they have to pass stompers, doors, fire streams and extremly cold areas and when they finally reach the emergency console, there are only 20 seconds left. Taggert tries to enter the stop code several times but fails, then asks Lt. Madison for it who can fortunately remember: It is Rotcetorp. Having stopped the self destruction just in time and being back on deck, Dr. Lazarus reports them both he could eleminate the virus, it started from Laredos cabin. Laredo finally admits deeply ashamed his mistake. When the Meechans realize their plan failed, they attack the Protector but the crew can defeat them. When they are arrested, they admit the moon is actually a new kind of power generator for weapon production. Laredo can continue his service, but Taggert sends him to security lessons for a week, 4 hours each day, including a final exam, which he has to do during his spare time.

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