Episodes 61 - 70


Episode #61: "The Robot Mines" Neu

Mine fieldThe Protector wants to help a Targathian ship which sent an S.O.S. signal, but when the ship arrives, it turns out just to be a wreck. Lt. Madison says that does not look right and this is confirmed when an army of Gdonk ships suddenly appear and open the fire without warning. The only chance to escape is just to fly through the mine field below them known to exist for thousands of years already but never explored before because of the high potential danger. Despite this, Taggert orders to cross it, and when they fly through it, the Gdonks stop to hunt them, but the mines near them pounce on the ship - but do not explode strangely. Dr. Lazarus asks Taggert to analyse this together with Tech Sgt. Chen, and both discover that the mines, equipped with some kind of polymorphic programming code, created an own development over the time, using swarm intelligence. A certain amout of them connected can create a kind of artifical life form. Lt. Madison tries to start a communication but cannot understand as she just hears high and low sounds, when Dr. Lazarus suggests to interpret the sounds as a binary code sequence, it is finally possible to translate the mine language. The mines, now more or less little robots, let the crew know that they were looking for a kind of base to create a more complex technical construction of themselfs, and the Protector had the right size and surface for that. While Chen is fascinated of the possible new power the ship had, Dr. Lazarus says it is not fair to abuse the mine robots for self protection. Finally Taggert gets the right idea and shares it with the others. So the Gdonks are very surprised when the Protector appears again, entirely undamanged. Taggert tells him he just wants to get the wreck and disappear, so they just should give room to let him go or they will regret it. The Gdonks think he just bluffs and open the fire again. Suddenly thousands of mines appear from the back of the Protector, collide with the Gdonk ships and explode so after a short battle, all their ships are disabled. The crew flys to the wreck and carries it to the center of the mine field where the mine robots can finally create a larger construction. Laredo says it would be be nice to lend some of the mine robots for the NSEA shipyards and let them improve the ships, but Taggert laughts and says better not because sooner or later the robots could try to improve the crew members in the same way.  The crew now leads the robot mines to the wreck which they use as base.

Episode #62: "Asteroid City" Neu

Asteroid CityThe Vantonos System is known for its strange structure: Between the second and forth planet is a large asteroid belt, assumed to be the result of a collusion by a big sized planet with a large asteroid. When the Protector just wants to pass it, Dr. Lazarus detects strange subspace activity in a certain area, and when they fly near it, they suddenly watch lights and regular constructions on a large rock in front of them, which Laredo names "Asteroid City" after a computer game he played some time before. When they get a communication request, they see a hamster like humanoid on screen, warning them that this is a dangerous place. After Taggert explains the peaceful goals of the Protector and Galactic Union, they are invited to for a visit of Asteroid City. The Vantonosian leader, Drabat, explains that his civilisation was living here as long as they can remember, however legends tell once there was a beautiful planet named Unis and milliards of Vantonosians lived on it until it stopped its rotation someday. Some scientists believed when they made an explosion near the planet core, the movement could start again. However, the explosion was too strong and destructed the planet entirely. They now have a problem with another scientist, Quoras,  who invented a "planet reconstruction" machine and wants to recreate Unis again, but most Vantonosian do not want it because of the unpredictable effects in case of a failure. However, the scientist moved to another asteroid and cannot be arrested as he sends subspace waves to every ship which wants to enter. Tech Sgt. Chen says technically there is  no problem to create an anti wave, however he needs two Beryllium spheres to collide with an anti matter torpedo. The Vanonosians answer they have Beryllium but it is hard to get because the area is unstable and a ship has to manoever deftly to get to this destination. Of course Taggert risks it and thanks to Laredo, they get to the place and can take the Beryllium, but on their way back, they are attacked from a ship of Quoras so Laredo and Dr. Lazarus are both in stress of fight and flight. After a shaky flight, the Protector moves to Quoras headquarter and demand them to surrender. Quoras invites them for negotiations and Taggert and Dr. Lazarus follow, but when the discussions fail, the scientist arrests them as hostages and starts a subspace wave towards the Protector. While the Beryllium spheres container is released and Laredo fires the anti matter torpedo on it, Chen retransports the commander and the doctor back on deck through the subspace wave. When the subspace wave and anti matter Beryllium wave meet, both detonate and vanish, but this causes an earthquake on Quoras asteroid which desctructes it entirely. Taggert and Dr. Lazarus are hailed for victory by the Vantonosians, but feel the subspace effect for some weeks, lifing them some centimeters up and down occasionally.

Episode #63: "The Hidden Colony" Neu

Dr. LazarusIn this very exciting episode, the Protector is ordered to find the hosital ship Healer which disappeared in Omega Nebula. When the ship arrives at the position where the Healer was located last time, a mysteriuos planet with thick atmosphere and strong gravity appears, attracting the Protector inevitably. Although Tech Sgt. Chen moves all available energy to the booster engines, the Protector cannot escape from the wake of the planet. Panik arises and the ship is about to crash, but suddenly the planet is gone as fast as it was there. Suprisingly, Dr. Lazarus tells that the had some kind of vision during the upcoming crash, something familiar wanted him to know the ship was acclaimed. The commander, very puzzled, orders Lt. Madison to analyze the last radio communications, and after some time they turn out to contain a text - in Tev'Mekish, saying "You are welcome". While they are thinking what this means, Lt. Laredo warns that the planet is going to reappear. Again, the Protector is in the wake of the planet, and Taggert and Dr. Lazarus get in quarrel of being tricked or not, so while Taggert orders Tech Sgt. Chen to give more power to the engines, Dr. Lazarus shouts him not to do so or the ship will crash. At the end, the engines are overstressed and stop working, the ship falls on the planet and is so much shaken that everybody passes out. When Taggert and Dr. Lazarus wake up again, they find themselfs being in a hospital and lots of Mak'Tars around them. They now have to listen to the story: Some time ago, serveral colonist ships started from Tev'Mek to find a new home. After an odyssee, they went in the wake of this planet and had to land. The orbit of the planet is quite unusual because it goes through a dimension gate, making it visible for some seconds in the dimension of the protector and changes back then. Because of the heavy grativity, escaping is impossible. However, Dr. Lazarus finds that connecting all available engines will produce enough power. Tech Sgt. Chen and his men start their work at once. When the next time for a dimension change comes, as calculated by Dr. Lazarus, the united engines are started, but the dimesion gate is about to close again quickly. For getting more energy, the commander orders to disable the life support system, which causes everybody to pass out again. Some time after that, Taggert wakes up by the voice of the auto pilot, telling him the damanages of the ship, however they are now out of the planet's wake. Now they can contact the NSEA headquarter and save the other Mak'Tars left on planet.

Episode #64: "The Protector Dance" Neu

Laredo ExplosionAfter passing a very strong magnetic storm near the Farrigatta system, the engines of the Protector are partly damaged and work unreliable, and because Tech Sgt. Chen and his crew cannot repair them without parts, Taggert orders to fly to a star base for maintenance. However, they have to stop when they meet a Rigelian cargo ship attacked by Gdonk pirates. Although the own ship is really not in best condition and Dr. Lazarus supposes it will fall apart entirely, the commander decides to help the Rigelians. Of course the Gdonks are not very impressed and start to attack the Protector without hesitating, but when Laredo tries to fly manoevers and shoot, the ship moves and stops unregulary, takes a zig zag course or rotates in all possible directions. The Gdonks cannot follow the quick and unpredictable movements of the ship, so most for their shots fail, but even under these conditions, Laredo and Dr. Lazarus can destroy some of their ships. The pirates decide to flee and then the Rigelian commander thanks the crew, it turns out that he is transporting exactly the parts Chen needs for the Protector, plus a lot of small beryllium balls. Dr. Lazarus warns that the Gdonks will not give up quickly, so they need to be prepared. After some discussion, Chen has an idea but needs the help of the Rigelian. Some time later, the Gdonks return and attack the cargo ship, but now the Regelian releases a chain of the beryllium balls, forming a kind of mine field between then and the Gdonks and exploding when contacated, while the Protector attacks the pirate ships. Shocked from this massive counter strike, the Gdonks give up and vanish. But one of the crew members of the Rigelian ship filmed the first manoevers of the Protector and shows it everywhere, so over the next weeks, everybody wants to watch the new famous "Protector dance".

Episode #65: "Unforgettable Forgotten" Neu

Madison smilingWhen she is on star base 15, Lt. Madison buys a new perfum "Unforgettable" which she has never seen before and really smells attracting. On her way back to her seat near Taggert, everybody she meets tells her that her perfume is fascinating, and Madison is so happy that she does not realize that the persons suddenly look diffused. Even Taggert says that some nice smell is echoing though the Protector and wants to command the course, but has to ask Dr. Lazarus for it as he just cannot remember. Suddenly a black shop appears and the face of Plavdog, the commander's archenemy appears, swearing to give him pain and tears until he surrenders. But Taggert answers he does not know him and what surrender is, he even invites him for a meeting. Plavdog, thinking he is fooled, agrees but takes some heavy armed men with him. When they are on the Protector, Taggert just realizes the big silver chain Plavdog is wearing, bows down because assuming to meet a king and welcomes him. Plavdog wants to test him telling him he, the king, needs another ship, and Taggert provides his ship without hesitating, telling he cannot even remember he ever had one. Madison realizes there is chance to destroy the ship of Plavdog but Laredo says he has forgotten how to use the laster blasters. The only one reacting differently is Dr. Lazarus, just sneezes often because the perfum itches his nose. When Lt. Madison tells him what happened, he understands and promises to develop an antidote quickly. Madison contacts Tech Sgt. Chen, who fortunately is still okay, and ask him to do something special for her. Meanwhile, Plavdog assumes the entire Protector crew has lost their minds and he now can take the ship easily. Suddenly the lower deck is detached and starts to attack Plavdog's ship. Plavdog yells at Laredo to stop it, but Laredo says he forgot how to do this. Finally Plavdog pokes him away from his console and wants to shoot the lower deck, but it is too late, his ship explodes already. Taggert says he does not behave like a king and starts a brawl with Plavdog. His heavy armed men want to help him, but in this moment, Dr. Lazarus returns and smashes a tube on the floor, releasing a thick yellow gas which neutralizes the perfum effect. Due to the gas, Plavdogs men cannot see him and are confused, while Laredo remembers everything now and calls the security crew which arrests Plavdog and his men. Madison is quickly taking a shower and when she returns, Taggert wants to thank Chen for flying the lower deck, but Chen says he cannot remember. They rest of the crew must laugh and tells him in this case, his action will just be unforgettable forgotten but always appreciated.

Episode #66: "The Digitized Taggert" Neu 

Tagget und MadisonThe Rulfians created the "Darkness", a ship twice as large as the Protector and crammed with all types of weapons. With this eqipment, they face up Taggert and his crew when the Protector just left the Omega system after a meeting with its sister ship, the Concordia. Taggert first supposes the Rulfian weapons are not really effective, but after a short battle, the damage of the Protector is more than 40 percent. The Rulfian commander, Rakak'Tor, suggests Taggert to transport on his ship for negotiations, or the Protector will be destoryed. Although Dr. Lazarus and Lt. Madison warn him, he decides to go and runs to the transporter room. However, just in the moment of transport, a short malfunction in the Protector engines causes a short circuit in the transporter system. Tech Sgt. Chen tries everything to locate Taggert, but has to tell Dr. Lazarus that he cannot find him any more. Dr. Lazarus overtakes the commander's duty now and explains the situation to the Rulfian commander, but suddenly Taggert appears on screen of Lt. Madison, telling her he is now in the computer system of the Protector and that she and Dr. Lazarus have to lead the Rulfians on. Laredo wonders what happens with his console as all kind of lights appear, then the ship is moved quickly and before the Rulfians understand what happened, Taggert flies fast manoevers with high speed, firing and throwing torpedos on their ship, and it turns out that the Rulfians forgot to improve their shields, so after a short time, it is crashed and their ship damage increases extemely. Getting panic, they decide to flee. Taggert stopps the Protector again, and when he looks inside, his crew feels sick because they are not used to these accelerated movements. The commander is sorry for that, but enjoys his situation as the can move with lightspeed inside the system and operate much faster than before. However, Tech Sgt. Chen detects that Taggert is loosing structural integrity the longer he stays in the system, so he tries to find a way to move him out, reprogramming the transporter, but two trials fail. The situation becomes critical when Taggert's integrity is so weak that he can hardly move and becomes invisible, only Dr. Lazarus can find him by doing a mind bending. Suddenly Tech Sgt. Chen gets an idea and transfers the brain streams of Dr. Lazarus to the transporter energy field. The commander's body becomes visible, but only short, so Dr. Lazarus is concentrates all his power for the transfer and finally it works, Taggert appears again - but everybody starts to laugh because he lost his clothes entirely and is naked. The crew (except Dr. Lazarus who is so exhausted that the cannot walk any more) decides to escort him to his room, taking him in the middle so he is view protected until they reach his room. Since that, whenever Lt. Madison wants to irritate Taggert, she just has to say "Tell us the naked truth!".

Episode #67: "The Fire And Ice Planet" Neu

Chen beside a panelOn an away mssion on an uncharted desert planet, commander Taggert looses balance and rolls down the wall of a canyon wall until he stops in fron of a cavern. Unfortunately, de disturbed a group of Ssazzbatts who are about to celebrate an important ceremony. The Ssazzbatts are angry and knock him out. When he wakes up, he finds himself on an icy planet without his vox communicator and rucksack, but with an airbed and an umbrella. Feeling still dizzy, he wonders why the Ssazzbatts gave him these two properties, but after a while, he realizes that the ice is going to melt, more and more faster. In the meantime, Dr. Lazarus and Lt. Madison, who joined the commander for the away mission, try to locate him and finally find his vox communicator, but no other trace and return to the Protector. But even when Laredo performs a long distance scan, he cannot find lifeform which could be Taggert, just a Ssazzbatt ship. When Dr. Lazarus contacts them, they say they know the position of the commander, but will not tell it without reward. Dr. Lazarus agrees and let them know he will take a shuttle and come to their ship for negotiations. When Laredo and Lt. Madison want to protest, the doctor tells them he as a plan. So he takes a shuttle and with Tech Sgt. Chen, he arrives on the Ssazzbatt ship. While he discusses with the Ssazzbatt commander, Chen manages to get a connection with the board computer and transfers a computer virus into the system. Suddenly the board computer is acting madly, starting a fake self destruction sequence. The Ssazzbatts getting panic, and Dr. Lazarus offers them his help, but only for the coordinates of the commander. When he gets them, he takes his vox communicator, telling a Mak'Tar to it and when the sequence stops, he and Chen return on board of the Protector. They fly to Tavos 3, actually a water planet but thanks to the elliptic orbit, the water turns to ice each day and to water next day. Taggert, who dropped his jacket and was just enjoying the warm water world with sunshine around him when they transport him back on the Protector, admits ironically that actually it was a nice holiday, he only wishes next time the invitation will not be such like brutally.

Episode #68: "The Inivisibility Trap" Neu

Protector bottom viewA Ssazzbatt delegation comes on board of the Protector for negotiations about an association. When the high level talks fail, the Ssazzbatts say the Protector will be punished. After they are gone, the crew realizes that all instruments, panels and furniture of the ship seem to be vanished, however Laredo detects it is still there, just invisible. Suddenly there is red alert and the Ssazzbatts attack the Protector. Laredo and Dr. Lazarus try their best to defend the ship, but the invisibility causes a lot of misunderstandings and false reactions. The sitation becomes critical when the protection shield breaks down and the Ssazzbatts give the crew 10 minutes to surrender. Lt. Madison suddenly says she can hear a very high and quite constant sound. The others cannot hear it, but follow her when she searches its origin. It takes almost 8 minutes to find it, a kind of small black hidden transmitter. Laredo wants to shoot it but Taggert stops him, asking Tech Sgt. Chen if he could do something. When the 10 minutes have passed, the Ssazzbatts are about to open the fire, but then the entire Protector disappears because Chen could modify the coverage of transmitter. So the Ssazzbatts fly away. Unfortunately, the transmitter got overloaded and explodes after 15 minutes, so it cannot be used for future any more. Taggert takes it with humour saying now it is perfect because it made itself finally invisible.

Episode #69: "Hot Times" Neu

Taggert wonderingOn a journey to Zarrios 9, a Ssazzbatt ship joins the Protector, having the same direction. While Taggert and the Ssazzbatt commander discuss about war and peace in the galaxy, Laredo detects two Meechan ships along the Protector, stangely not coming more near but keeping a security distance. Taggert wonders what this could mean. Dr. Lazarus supposes, the Meechans got finally respect of the Protector, but Lt. Madison thinks this is suspicious. After Taggert and the Ssazzbatt commander talked again for a while, Lt. Madison realizes that the ship temperature starts to increase slowly. She asks Tech Sgt. Chen for the reason, but he can only say it comes from outside, not from the Protector inside. When Taggert asks the Ssazzbatt commander, she tells him she realized the higher temperatures as well, but does not care as Ssazzbatts are used to that. In the meantime, the temperature is getting higher and higher and everybody (beside Dr. Lazarus) is sweatting. Taggert asks Chen again but gets the answer the heat energy is everywhere, the climate system of the Protector is already overloaded and there is no way to escape from that. The Ssazzbatt commander appears again on screen of the Protector, asking if her ship should provide a heat protection - for a good price of course. Taggert denies, although he and most others are already just waering underwaer. Suddenly, a Meechan commader is contacting the Protector, telling them they are victims of the new subspace heat generators of the Meechans and should surrender or they will be boild to death. Of course the commander refuses to surrender, but the situation is getting critical as even the instruments are so hot now that the crew needs gloves to operate. Taggert orders Laredo to start the hyperdrive engines to escape, but Laredo says it is not possible as all energy is needed for the climate system of the ship, and he would not wonder if the ship itself is sweatting in the same way of the crew. That makes Dr. Lazarus getting an idea, calls Chen, starts a short discussion and Chen starts to modify the shield generators of the Protector at once. After 15 minutes, he tells the commander he will now redirect the climate energy so it can get even more hot for a moment. Taggert agrees, and for a short moment, it is getting so hot that even their shoes start to smoke. But then the temperatures decrease slowly. Chen managed to modify the meteroid deflection generators that they reflect subspace heat. However, the Ssazzbatts are now peeling off as these hot temperatures are even too much for them, and the Meechans follow as their heat is now going back to them. The crew continues their journey to Zarrios 9 which fortunately is a water planet and extends their visit extra just to glory in bathing in its ocean.

Episode #70: "The Enemy Engines" Neu

Protector with MadisonBecause the Protector confiscated a weapon delivery for the Ssazzbatts to undermine the Galatic peace accord, two Meechan ships attacked the NSEA ship and after a short but hard fight, the Meechans lost and are arrested, but the engines of the Protector are so badly damaged that only slow impulse flight is possible and Tech Sgt. Chen needed a week to repair it. When Taggert asks his crew of alternatives, Dr. Lazarus suggests to use the engines of one Meechan ship which are still intact. Chen says it could be possible but the Meechans are using Zirconium, not Beryllium for their energy so compatibility problems could arise. But Taggert agrees so after a day, the new engines are ready to be used. Laredo flys to the next wormhole and enters it without problems, but the longer they fly, the slower they become. Taggert lets Lt. Madison ask the arrested Meechans if they know such an effect, but of course they do not want to cooperate because they think it is betrayal. But Dr. Lazarus gets an idea, he pretends he got an order to release all Meechans outside of the ship and push them directly to the ground of the wormhole. Now a Meechan engineer, Marratt, admits that this effect is known as a side effect of the Zicronium energy and can only be avoided by creating a black sphere (see episode "The Silent Story"). This technology is unknown to Chen, so Taggert asks Marrat to create a black shpere generator with help of Chen. A wild discussion follows because Dr. Lazarus means nobody can trust the Meechans while the Meechans do not want to uncover their black sphere technology. Finally, with help of Lt. Madisons diplomatic talent, a cooperation is started and half a day later, the black sphere generator is finished and activated, so finally the Protector can escape from the wormhole. However now there is a problem because Chen and Marratt are working together so well that they forget they are enemies. To solve this, Taggert gets an idea and after the Meechans agreed, he orders to fly to the next Meechan ship, telling them they have prisoners but are ready to release them for getting the black sphere technology. Marratt confirms that, telling his comrades that Tech Sgt. Chen already forced him to work under terrible conditions. So finally the Meechans can change the ship, saving their faces. Dr. Lazarus tells Taggert that the Zirconium radiation is changing the skin color after some time so Taggert lets Chen dismantle the Meechan engines as fast as possible, especially after Lt. Madison said the does not want to look like "Ashed monkey crooks".