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Episodes 91 - 92


Episode #91: "New Doctor On Board" Neu

Dr. TarmaniDr. Gandhi, for a very long time the chief doctor on board of the Protector, got retired and is replaced by Tarmani, a Targathian. Knowing that Targathians are the best doctors of the galaxy, everyone on the Protector enjoys to visit him and gets some medicine, even for the most ridiculous matters. That does not bother until a sudden fight between a Ssazzbatt and a Meechan ship just in front of the Protector. When the Ssazzbatt loose the battle, they ask Commander Taggert for medical help and Taggert agrees. But the Meechans contact the crew and tell their doctor was killed and their captain is badly hurt and demand that Taggert has to help them first, otherwise the Protector and the rest of the Ssazzbatt ship will be destroyed. Dr. Tarmani explains he can help both at the same time, and so both races send their patients to Taggerts crew, guarded by some of their comrods. The Meechans do not trust Taggert so they establish a strong tractor beam to get connected with the Protector. Unfortunately, there is a Targathian woman on board who starts giving birth, so Lt. Madison has to help while Dr. Tarmani does his work for the other patients. The situation gets worse when a space storm appears and reduces the electric support for the medical station because the tractor beam is about to break the hull of the ship. Taggert asks the Meechan commander to stop it but he does not listen. Dr. Lazarus, being aware of the Meechan nature, tries a risky action: While Taggert nagotiates with the Meechans, he takes a shuttle and gets over to the half destroyed Ssazzbatt ship where he establishes a tractor beam also to hold the Protector in place. Fortunately it works, but Dr. Tarmani has to hurry as nobody knews how long the Ssazzbatt tractor beam can be active, and then it suddently stops. Taggert sees no other choice than to open the fire to the Meechans for such a stubborn behavoir, but short before the storm disappears. Lt. Madison proudly presents the Targathian baby to the crew which is now called "Domorana" which means "Child of the storm".

Episode #92: "The Timeknot Trap (Part 1)" Neu

TimeknotsCommander Taggert gets the order to fly to the Omega system as some ships collided with planets for no obvious reason. When the Protector arrives there, Dr. Lazarus detects a field with strange energy on the 13th planet of the system. When Taggert, Dr. Lazarus and Chen land on it, they explore a strange building on a rocky island. After they entered it, they watch a bright blue shining cloud inside, containing moving bubbles. After Chen checked it, he says it is probably a kind of reactor being able to generate an unknown kind of energy effecting time and space. He would like to call it "Omega 13" because they found it on the 13th planet of the system. However, he needs to get more time to study how it can be operated. So they return to the ship and Taggert orders a new course to star base 17 which has a larger laboratory. Suddenly, the Protector flushes in a rapidly growing timeknot field. As a consequence, all changes they do to escape from it are taken back after a short time so all machines and computers have their former state, while all life on board is untouched. After Dr. Lazarus tried to perform his actions much quicker, but without any effect, Tech Sgt. Chen gets the right idea to cut the time knot by creating an inverse time knot using the Beryllium reactor transformation, which will take just some seconds, but needs the entire energy of the ship defense system. While Dr. Lazarus starts to raise concerns, Taggert agrees to this idea because there are no enemies in sight. So Chen deactivates the ship defense system, starts the transformation and after some bucking and rumbeling and a loud echoing sound, the time knot is destroyed. Suddenly, Meechan ships come in sight and are about to attack the Protector, but Laredo reacts quickly and can destroy all of them. Lucky he tells that they made it and Lt. Madison reports all systems are working correctly, but Taggert says he did not like it, it was too easy. Suddenly, lots of time knots appear around the ship and the Protector is under attack again. Dr. Lazarus says that surrender might be the last option but Taggert denies and answers they will never surrender. When Laredo asks for his orders, he answers "Activate the Omega 13!".

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