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Mathesar grew up in the captial of his home planet Thermia. Like many Thermians, he watched the Galaxy Quest episodes when he was young and got very fond of this "historical documents". As it was his idea to overtake the philisophy, organsation and spirit of the series and constructing the NSEA Protector, the Thermians appointed him to be their "ambassador" for the humans.

Unfortunately, when the Thermians created all the technologies of the series, they were not able to operate them under tactical simulations, due to the fact they never learnt how to trick or using the surprise effect. So they had to call the real Protector crew, but too late so the elemiation of planet Thermia and lots of his inhabitants by the cruel Sarris and his army could not be averted.

After Sarris was defeated, the Thermians decided that Mathesar should continue being their "boss". He helped them to become a member of the Galactic union and is now an executive officer for Thermian integration and relation matters.

Roc Ingersol

'Roc' Ingersol

Security Chief Rockford Ingersol (33) had a more or less shaky career. Because of his low grades in his graduation report, his first services were on star bases and outposts before he got the chance to go on board of a star ship, The NSEA Stellarion, but was soon transfered to another ship just before it was scrapped. He went back to Star Base 7 where he did a good logistic job and then got the chance to be transfered to the Protector where he first was one of the many security crewman who were lost during missions the Protector processed. However, during the Sarris/Thermian conflict, he prove great courage and care for security, even saved the life of Lt. Madsion when she was about to get in contact with the Demon Children thinking they were harmless. After that, commander Taggert promoted him to Chef Security Officer of the Protector.


Laliari (30) grew up in a Thermian villiage near the capital city and liked what she saw on the "historical documents" from the start. She was one of Mathesar's assistants and helped with communication and briefing the Protector crew. It was her task to brief commander Taggert on all facts about Sarris and to call him when his presence was needed. Her beautiful smile, the very polite style and her reserved character were one of the reasons why Tech Sgt. Chen fell in love with her and got the courage to operate the new transporter to save Taggert from the rock monster.

Lailari is now Tech Sgt. Chen's technical assistant and Mathesar's first address for contacting the Protector crew.


Roth'h'ar Sarris

General Roth'h'ar Sarris (age unknown) is one of the most cunning and cruel creatures the Galaxy has ever met. He got his bad reputation very early then he displayed his curelty and torture ambititions in battles with Meechans and Xarraks. Soon he selected the Thermians when he tortured their scientists, put them to work in his Gallium Arsenid mines and even captured the Thermian females for his own demented purposes. He tortured one of the Thermian commanders so badly that he told him about the Omega 13, and from that moment, Sarris wanted to get it at all costs, believing it was an ultimative weapon. To get it, the searched for it on Thermia and destroyed the planet including the inhabitants when he could not find it. He even wanted to kill the rest of the Thermians on the Protector, but the crew could finally stop him.

Sarris found the end he deserved when he left the Protector ship after landing on Earth, when commander Taggert realized him and desintegrated him with his laser blaster. Since that, the Fatu-Krey are the worst enemies of the Galactic Union.

Demon children

Demon Children

The Demon Children live on a rocky desert Demon planet and were unknown until a mining facility was built on their planet to produce Beryllium spheres. Although small in size, they are cannibals with lots of sharp teeth, eating even members of their own species. The Demon Children have blue, Elephant- like skin which protects them from sun and live in groups. They are on a very primitive level, but their population is large.

Pig Lizard

Pig Lizards

Pig lizards live on the Demon planet and are just dumb carrion eaters with large month and teeth, two short legts, no arms and little brain. They use to walk around and eat everything left over from others. As they smell terribly and their meat is hard and greasy, they are not really a good pride for others. They usually do not attack and only defend themselfs with their large dentition tools.


Gerignak lives on Demon planet and is one of the strangest creatures of the Galaxy. It constist just of rocks and its only instinct is to smash every lifeform more little. As the Demon Children summoned this monster, it is supposed that it sleeps most of the time until somebody calls it. Gerignak was lost in space until it was teleported to the Protector's cargo hold, fighting with Fatu-Krey soldiers, but it is unknown if it could return to the planet or if there are more than one creatures of this kind.


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