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Galaxy Quest FAQ


  • Was Dr. Lazarus the sole survivor of the massacre done by the Meechans?
    For a long time, this was really supposed and nobody knew it better, but then the Protector explores a hidden Mak'Tar colony so Dr. Lazarus was no longer the only one of his species (see Episode #63).
  • Why is Laredo only 10 years old?
    Because of the time bending effect (see episode #40).
  • Will Taggert and Lt. Madison fall in love at the end?
    That is still their secret.
  • What makes Galaxy Quest better than Star Trek?
    Nothing. Galaxy Quest has some similarities with Star Trek, but the concept is different (e. g. more humour, Dr. Lazarus can show feelings, the navigator is 10 years old etc.). It depends on what you like more.
  • Are there more ships like the Protector in the Galaxy Quest universe?
    There are a lot more, but differ in form, construction and equipment, depending on their class.
  • What are the best friends / worst enemies of the Galactic Union?
    Friends: Mak'Tar, Targathians, Rigelians. Enemies: Meechan, Rulfian. Neutral: Ssazzbatts.
  • Why there is a "National" Space Exploration Administration and not a "United" one?
    Because the Galactic Union understands itself as a kind of "Supernation" of their member nations, so this is reflected in their administration names.
  • How many star bases exist?
    There are 23 star bases because every member of the Galactic Union usually has one.
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