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NSEA Nebulizer

This laser pistol is the standard weapon of NSEA crews and became so popular that it became even the trademark of all NSEA forces. It can create a kind of subspace energy that, on highest level, desintegrates any object by contact, however it depends of the object size if one or more shots are required. The pistol provides two more levels where the laster beam will either hurt or paralyze the object. A special security sensor ensures that only NSEA personel can use this weapon, it will not work for e. g. Meechans or Ssazzbatts.

Vox Communicator

Vox Communicator

This handy device is the standard for long distance communication on NSEA missions. Thanks of using a special subspace frequency, it has a very wide range and does not need much energy. It can be unfolded so the round plate works as display protection and antenna in common. As NSEA personel is bound to be reachable during their entire service, they use to wear it on their belts if they do not need it.

Fatu Krey Rifle

The Fatu-Krey Rifle

This strange looking rifle is the standard weapon of Fatu-Krey soldiers, but fires a kind of bullets, not energy. Its sloppy design makes it very unhandy, and when the NSEA tested one model left over from a fight, it turned out to be inaccurate and unreliable, so it is supposed that is was produced rather cheap and plentiful than really effective.

Detector device

Detector device

The detector device is a high capacity computer device used to detect, collect and analyse any data, e. g. detecting specific signals, translate languages or checking artefacts. It is used by all NSEA scientists and engineers. The one of Dr. Lazarus is special because Tech Sgt. Chen tuned it up extremely so there are lots of "extra features" to use.

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