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The 10 Warrior Principles of the Mak'Tar

Dr. Lazarus pointing 

  1. Do not do something to others you do not want to yourself too.
  2. Use weapons solely to protect, not to attack.
  3. Try to solve conflicts peacefully whenever possible. Be aware that a war costs a lot of innocent blood, sweat and tears.
  4. Only join a battle when there is chance to win. It is no shame to avoid wastefully costs and energy and requesting reinforcement.
  5. Try to find the motivation of somebody for a conflict. Often problems can be solved by strict analysis and fair compromises.
  6. If a battle is started, take care that innocent life will be saved, even from your enemies.
  7. Try to shorten an armed conflict as much as possible before it costs too much.
  8. When the war is over, take care to take actions another one cannot be started. Do not take revenge.
  9. Even a fragile peace is better than a devastating armed conflict.
  10. Try to make friends whenever possible, even when it is difficult. Making enemies is the best way to fail for future.
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