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The Characters


Peter Q. Taggart

Peter Quincy Taggert

Peter Taggert (49) is the commander of the NSEA Protector. He has had a distinguished, and highly decorated career in the National Space Exploration Administration (NSEA). Soon when he started his academy training, it turned out that he did not quit a test, even when it seemed to be unwinnable and used his ingenuity for finding a solution. This birthed his catchphrase, "Never give up, never surrender". This attitude fueled much of his career. Not soon after graduating he received his first commission aboard the NSEA Democracy, where he was rapidly promoted, and even briefly returned to the NSEA Star Academy to teach as a student instructor. He was soon posted on the NSEA  Protector as a Lt. Commander, in charge of the refit operations, which was under the command of Captain Tailor at the time. He soon took command of the ship, after Tailor became admiral and went to the NSEA headquarter. With the protector under his command, it soon became the flagship of the NSEA and he became a constant thorn in the side of it’s enemies. It is also rumored that he may have romantic relations with Lt. Madison, the Chief Communication’s Officer aboard the NSEA Protector,  but it has not been revealed yet as fact.

Dr. Lazarus

Dr. Nav'Ran Lazarus

Dr. Lazarus (56) was the first non-human to be apart of the National Space Exploration Adiministration. Earning his doctorate at the Galactic Science Academy, he joined the NSEA and has become one of the most highly decorated officers in the fleet. As a cadet at the NSEA Academy, he excelled at his studies, and earned the highest scores that most cadets never had. Graduating top of his class, he was soon commissioned aboard the NSEA Protector, at the time commanded by Commander May, he served under Lieutenant Ronald LeRoy. He was promoted slowly at first, for he had troubles fitting in with the crew, but remained aboard the Protector. By the Time that Commander Tailor took command Dr. Lazarus had become the chief science officer, but was  only second in line to command behind Lt. Commander Taggert, whom he had a rivalry with, resenting Taggert for he always bested him. The rivalry soon disappeared when Taggert took command and chose Lazarus to not only be his chief science officer, but also as his executive officer and chief advisor, earning himself a promotion to Lt. Commander. During time, both became best friends. He has two unique charakteristis: His expression "For Graphtas hammer", whenever something unexpected happens, and his beloved Kep-Mok Bloodticks (Tav'Mekish national food) and martini drinks.

Tawny Madison

Tawny Madison

Lt. Tawny Madison (43) is a decorated communication’s officer aboard the NSEA Protector under the Command of Peter Taggert. In her days at the academy, Madison was a well rounded cadet. She developed a liking for martial arts and ships communications operations. She also had developed a habit of repeating what the computer said. After her graduation, she was soon commissioned aboard the NSEA Democratica, where she met then Lt. Taggert. The two were briefly romantically involved, but it did not last long. She spent most of her career, transferring ship to ship, serving on such ships as The Union, The Asterion, The Stargazer and The Concordia. Her promotion to lieutenant happened on an away mission to an uncharted planet, where she had displayed exemplarily leadership skills after the death of their team leader. She was soon transferred to The Protector as chief communication‘s officer, under the command of Commander Tailor shortly before he became Admiral and went to headquarter. Under the command of Peter Taggert, she remained chief communication’s officer. It is rumored that she may now have romantic relations with Taggert, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Fred Chen

Fred Chen

Tech Sgt. Fred Chen (49) is one of the best technicians in the National Space Exploration Administration. He has set the mold for many technicians and is an idol to most. Starting out young, he had always been interested in the inner workings of starships, creating small, flyable models of them from scratch. Graduating early from the Academy, Chen was soon posted on one of the newest starships prototypes in the fleet, the NSEA Starlight, voyager class. He was soon became the chief technician’s, Lt. Thora Miller, favorite tech and was put to several difficult technical tasks, thus earning him to become her Assistant Chief Technician and a rank promotion to Tech. Corporal. On a special mission into enemy territory in one of many space battles it encountered on the mission, the Chief Technician was killed, and Chen took control immediately, ensuring they could survive. After rescue and return to NSEA Territory, he was promoted to Tech Sgt. for his exemplary service, courage and skill. He was soon then transferred to the NSEA Protector as Chief Technician after Commander Peter Taggert took command. The commander especially appreciates his talent for tinkering and inventions. Chen soon fell in love with the Thermian Laliari during the Sarris/ Thermian conflict. The two have been inseparable since then.

Lauredo as Child

Tommy Laredo

As pilot, Lieutnant Tommy Laredo (10) naviagtes the NSEA Protector savely through the Galaxy and, if necessary, even though a mine field. The fact, that he is only 10 years old, may look odd, but there is an explanation: In an early adventure with a time knot, the only possibility to escape for the Commander, Dr. Lazarus and Laredo is that they become 8 years younger. While this has hardly an effect to Taggert and Dr. Lazarus, Tommy, 18 years old at this time, becomes 10 suddenly but could keep all his knowledge. So he gots a special permission to continue his service on the Protector. He has a passion for fast space ships and rock music, enjoys parties and admires the Commander much more than others.

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