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About the Series

Taggart in TV

From 1978 to 1982, the US sender KR2 aired a very unusual science fiction series on that time: GALAXY QUEST.

After the great success of STAR TREK and STAR WARS before, this was a try to bring science fiction to a new brilliance, but with another direction: Humour. While STAR WARS is more mythical and STAR TREK science oriented, Galaxy Quest should be both: Interesting and funny.

Frank Ross

Frank Ross developed the concept and created the series. After some ups and downs at the beginning, the show became so popular and successful that it could run 4 years and got 92 episodes at the end. The outstanding quality was the result of great authors (William Gibson and even Robert A. Heinlein for 2 episodes) and the excellent actors. Some of them were still contracted for other projects, but this was not a problem as they could take their role by using pseudonyms. Consequently, Galaxy Quest is both a science fiction series and a parody of itself.

Unfortunately, it was never shown in Germany. Despite of this, Galaxy Quest got lots of friends in Germany too. So just have a look why this series is just brilliant!

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