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Species: Fatu-Krey
Lifeform: Reptilic
Place of origin: Planet Fatu
Lifespan: 40-50 years (estimated)

The Fatu-Krey are a babaric and ruthless race, hybrid of reptiles and insects. Grown up in a hostile nature, their only desire is to fight and raise fame. The hold little regard for life, even for their own species, and use to lie, cheat, torture and kill to get their goals. Their technology is roughly on the same level with the Protector but the quality of their machines and weapons are much lower. Only their leaders are cunning, their guards are mostly dim witted and stupid. Since the Sarris/Thermian conflict, the Fatu Krey are the one of the worst enemies of the Galactic Union.

Sarris and Taggert Fatu-Krey soldier
Negotiations with Fatu-Krey are quite useless as they will never agree to compromises. A typical Fatu-Krey soldier.
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