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Species: Ssazzbatts
Lifeform: Reptilic
Place of origin: Planet Zbatt
Lifespan: 60- 70 years (estimated)

Ssazzbatts look very much like lizards and are neither good nor bad, just selfisch and tricky and do only something if they find it useful or get something in reward. They got this name from the first human contact where they were observed shouting "Ssazzbatt" all the time which actually means "Alarm". They are very intellgent and are on the same technology level as the Galactic Union. Their social life is basing on respective obligations, meaning when they are in someones debt, they do not stop until the debt is cleared. Suprisingly, the Ssazzbatts are all females and supposed to reproduce themselfs asexually. But that does not stop them to be interested in the male sex, especially Commander Taggert.

Xarraks Planet Xarra
Ssazzbatts can fight well if needed, but usually they prefer the way of least cost. Planet Zbatt is similar to Venus, more near to the sun than Earth with a thicker atmosphere and much higher temperatures.


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