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Thermians - Original

Species: Thermian
Lifeform: Octopiod
Place of origin: Planet Thermia in Klatu Nebula
Lifespan: 80 - 90 years

The Thermians are a highly intelligence and technically advanced space faring race with lots of excellent engineers and scientists. Unfortunately, they never developed the concepts of lies, deception, falsehoods or fiction. So they tend to take things literally and trust in everything they are told, so they can easily be tricked. They became an easy pride for the Fatu-Krey, especially Sarris. From a race that once numbered in the billions at their peak, they now number in the hundreds.

The Thermians as Humans Laliari
The Thermians in Human shape, using appearance generators. Laliari, a female Thermian who fell in love with Tech Sgt. Chen


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