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Episodes 01 - 10


Episode #1: "The Secret of Stasis"

Protector in spaceIn this exciting episode the planet Stasis suddenly deviates from its orbit and is set to collide with the Ugonian asteroid belt. In a race to evacuate any life forms from the planet, the NSEA Protector is caught in a meteor shower from the outer ring of the asteroid belt. Disabled, they are forced to land on the planet for repairs where they find themselves in a planetary aura that compels them to tell only the truth. The crew must find a way to over come the aura and the problems that it causes, make the necessary repairs and escape the planet before it is destroyed in the asteroid belt. Unfortunately, due to the fact that always telling the truth can be annoying, the crew quarrels all the time and does not work any more. Commander Taggert solves the problem by creating a competition where the prize is one week extra vacation for the one who tells the nicest truth.

Episode #2: "Die Two Faces of Avsnoyl"

Demon BabiesOn the planet Avsnoyl, the crew encounters an amiable race of folks. Soon the Commander discovers that their new-found friends are merely after their stock of virrilium combustible. When the Protector refuses to give them their fuel, the Avsnoylians turn violent. At the end of the episode, in a terse, chess-like confrontation, the Commander must justify to NSEA Headquarters why he needed to obliterate such seemingly "benign" life-forms.

Episode #3: "The Crack In The Mirror"

Lt. MadisonThe NSEA Protector butts into an impenetrable magnetic shield with reflective qualities. As the crew tries to figure how to penetrate the wall, there's a slight shift in magnetic alignment and Lt. Madison falls to the other side through a crack in the time-space continuum. As always, our good Commander must save Lt. Madison, by blasting through the shield, or traveling eons in the other direction to find her. He finds a crack in the mirror by facing his worst fear - the fear that though he has repeatedly shown valor in the line of duty, he will one day lack courage at a crucial moment.

Episode #4: "The Scithyan Syndrome"

Dr. Lazarus / Lt. MadisonIn this classic episode we see Dr. Lazarus' real mettle as a warrior as he saves the Protector and its crew from a trap set by their treacherous "allies," the Scithyans. The episode starts with our heroes going to a state dinner aboard the Scithyan craft. Everything seems on the up-and-up until a couple of Scithyans -- flying on Cerebrum Crystals and Gat Extract -- force Lt. Madison away from the rest of the crew and into an adjacent room. When the Commander intervenes, the Scithyans disdainfully chew the roots of a Goppa plant and squirt a paralyzing secretion at him and his men. Fortunately Dr. Lazarus happens to be immune to the paralyzing agent and is pitted against the now rabid horde of Scithyans. After a uncharacteristically brutal dogfight in which Dr. Lazarus outwits and out hits his short-minded adversaries, he rescues the beautiful Lt. Madison and the rest of the crew. The episode ends aboard the Protector with the crew laughing at their Mak'Tar friend's heroics while he enjoys a well-deserved big bowl of his beloved Kep-Mok Bloodticks.

Episode #5: "The Angel Dust of Abraxas"

Protector attackedAfter the Protector passes through a strange dust cloud in the Abraxas Quadrant the ship starts to structurally change on a molecular level where each atom turns to the base element of carbon, duplicating over and over like a cancer. In order to quell the spreading tumor Taggert takes drastic measures and flies through the super-heated aurora of a sun to irradiate the ship's cancer.

Episode #6: "The Two Lovers of Medusa"

Taggart PosterPlaying mediator between the warring Gdonks and the Ssazzbatts, Commander Taggert becomes the object of affection for each of the opposing female leaders. Unfortunately for the Commander both Gdonk and Ssazzbatt lovers dismember their mates after copulation. To save the universe from another cataclysmic war, as well as his well-worn fanny, Taggert has to make both females lose interest in him, escape from the planet Medusa in one piece, and still broker a peace accord. He gets it with presenting such a lubbery behaviour that the women loose interest in him, so Dr. Lazarus can take the chance to let them sign the Galactic Peace Accord.

Episode #7: "The Ambassador's Gambit"

Madsion fighting positionDuring a high level diplomatic meeting, Tommy Webber unwittingly pulls the ultimate faux paus and shakes the hand of the KQU-flux ambassador. According to KQU-flux custom, Tommy must fight to the death the ambassador's chosen champion. The ambassador picks - Lt. Tawny Madison. As she wins like she was expected, the ambassador wants her to kill Tommy. Fortunately, Commander Taggert can get ihm to try a bit Naptar-Brandy, so the ambassador fells asleep and Tommy and Tawny can escape.

Episode #8: "The Planet of Dr. Gabanian"

Dr. GarbanianIn this classic episode the Commander and crew of the NSEA Protector encounter a small planet hidden behind a double-starred nebula. Dr. Garbanian, the inhabitant of the planet, is an amiable enough host, until the nature of his experiments is revealed: Garbanian believes the universe is intended to be populated by one type of being which is a hybrid of all other beings. To accelerate the process he has developed a Gamma-Microcoagulant Ray that can transform whole planets in one swoop. Fortunately the Commander and the crew foil his plans and arrest the doctor.

Episode #9: "The Nixvowls Uprising"

Taggert and ChenIn this episode Gath'gor, Sarris and Ngh'f, three outlaws of the planet Nixvowls, unite to destroy the Protector. First, the evil trio challenges the Protector to a straight shoot-out around at the Megabuckle Asteroid Belt in the ATV-54 Nebula. The intense fighting catapults Ngh'f to a direction towards a huge gas planet which absorbs him, and seriously damages the Protector's plasma emitters. To repair the damage, Capt. Taggert orders a Mark 11 departure from the area, with Gath'gor and Sarris in hot pursuit. Split-second maneuvering and near misses with passing comets has most of the Protector crew bouncing around the spaceship, but succeeds in slinging Sarris out into space, leaving only Gath'gor to fulfill their vow to destroy the Protector. To recover from their space sickness, Taggert and Dr. Lazarus land on the anti-energy planet of Dezap, where anything electronic is useless. In a cave near a soothing waterfall, they are cornered by Gath'gor and some of his men. Gath'gor and Taggert get into epic hand-to-hand combat. They roll around until Taggert emerges victorious from underneath the waterfall with Gath'gor commander belt in his hands. In the meantime, Dr. Lazarus could disarm the other main and complains that Taggert always gets the more easy tasks.

Episode #10: "Friends Never Forget"

Lazarus analyzingIn this tear jerker about friendship and commitment Dr. Lazarus finds himself pregnant with his mother's child. (His species carries the fertilized embryo in a volvac sac until certain hormonal changes brought on by behavioral patterns occur.) The good doctor has to choose between the service he loves and fatherhood. The Commander is torn up when he receives his friend's resignation, and although he does not really wants it, he announces his position. But all candidates turn out either to be arrogant, immature or just dumb. The Commander is only to be relieved when he learns that the suspected pregnancy were merely stomach cramps brought on by batch of bad Bloodticks.


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