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Episodes 11 - 20


Episode #11: "The Two Worlds of Dilirium"

Protector attackingOn hand to chronicle the creation of a new black hole in the Dilirium Nebula the Protector is positioned in too close as the hole as it inexplicably splits in two. Similarly, the Protector spawns a perfect duplicate of the ship and crew. To rectify the situation Commander Taggert has to return back in time to moments before the splitting and move the ship away from the black hole. So he accepts the recommondation of Dr. Lazarus, starts the hyperdrive and rushes thought the gap between the holes. This makes the space time going reverse for a short time and let them escape from danger.

Folge #12: "The Icicles of Pentillium"

Taggart and Dr. LazarusIn the icy expanse of the planet Pentillium nothing is what it seems. The NSEA Protector is called to duty at Pentillium after an unannounced thermal-neutron blast sends ripples through the Milky Way. The blast puts the galaxy itself on the brink of war. Commander Taggert and his crew discover that a holo-plant on the surface of Pentillium actually faked the blast in an attempt to undermine the Galactic Peace Accord. In a desperate race against time Taggert has to uncover those responsible for the simulated blast to save the crumbling galactic alliance. Together with Dr. Lazarus, he discovers that the Pentillians, the inhabitants of Planet Pentillian, wanted to "heat" their planet because the distance from sun will become more and more large and the temperatures fell constantly. The crew then moves the planet to a more close orbit and saves the peace of the galaxy.

Episode #13: "The Hair Shirt"

Crewman with long hairAfter the NSEA Protector chases a Zatchzxy battle barge into a polluted worm hole, the crew of the ship find themselves plagued with accelerated hair growth. Fortunately Dr. Lazarus can find an antidote before the ship's drains clog for good.

Episode #14: "The Split Decision"

Taggart in shipDuring a routine mission in the Zarnon constellation a molecular plasma ray accidentally splits Commander Taggert's body in half. It is up to Dr. Lazarus to keep the two halves of the good Commander alive until they can figure out how to make him whole again while battling the rebellious Zarnonians who have siezed the moment and decide to attack the ship. With help of Tawny and Tommy, he can steal a plasma cannon from the Zarnonians which even works reverse and reunites objects again. During a dramatic action, the commander is saved and the rebellion can be defeated, however Taggert has to suffer from splitting for some weeks because his right hand has to learn again to realize what the left is doing.

Episode #15: "The Mist Of Dalos 5"

Dr. Lazarus with flagThe crew of the Protector arrives at Delos 5 after another NSEA ship, the Trojan, is inexplicably moored on the surface of the planet. Soon after their arrival, crew members of the Protector start experiencing sudden passionate urges triggered by the sweet mist that mysteriously blankets the planet without warning. Just as quickly, the mist dissipates leaving many crew members in compromising situations. The Commander quickly realizes that the planet's passion-mist led to the grounding of the Trojan and the disappearance of its crew. While trying to avoid the same fate, Taggert is suddenly overcome with passion towards Lt. Madison. As they fall into each others arms and vanish into the mist, Taggert realizes that he can only save his crew by conquering his untamed libido.Showing tremendous strength Taggert overcomes Lt. Madison's flirtations and directs his ship away from the salacious planet.

Episode #16: "The Quarsar Dilemma" Neu

QuarsarThe Barrocs call the Protector for help: A quarsar near to their planet sends too strong radiation which will blow away their atmosphere sooner or later. However, Dr. Lazarus thinks that call is suspicious as the aliens hiding something. When the Protector arrives, the crew discovers there is an energy station in front of the quarsar, built by the Barrocs a long time ago, which now needs adjustments as the quasar radiations have changed. Unfortunately, they installed a kind of sentinel buoy defending the energy station if no correct password is entered before, and the Barrocs have forgotten it, what they admit shamefaced. When the Protector tries to attack the buoy, it turns out that its protection system is so strong that it cannot be destoryed. Even worse, the buoy arrests the Protector now by a high engergy tractor beam. Now being a hostage of the buoy and the quarsar, there are only 16 hours left until the Protector will be damaged the quarsar radiation. Fortunately Tech Stg. Chen gets an idea and builds a second buoy similar to the first one. When they release it, the Protector buoy communicates with the sentinel, signalling is time for alternation now. It works, the sentinel deactivates itself for 8 hours, which are enough to do the energy station adjustments. When this was done, the Barrocs say they could find the password, it was "Protection".

Episode #17: "The Time Spirals of Ptryll'a Nebula"

Sarris WarriorsSomething is rotten in the Ptryll'a Nebula and it's notthe cheese. It seems that the crew of the NSEA Protector became stuck in a time warp in which they are repeatedly re-living the same 12-hour period. While entrenched in their solipsism, their dreaded Meechan enemies have usurped the Protector and are attacking the neighboring allied colonies. This time it is Lieutenant Laredo who uncovers the foil when he hears a transmission from one of the victimized spaceships claiming that the Protector has attacked them. With the help of Tech Sergeant Chen they rig a Time-Extractor Pod to extricate their comrades from their never-ending time loop.

Episode #18: "Return To Planet Amexon"

Dr.Lazarus sickStricken by a space virus, Dr. Lazarus is bedridden and hallucinating while the onboard computer has been mysteriously switched off. As his condition worsens, Lt. Madison, who is nursing him, begins to comprehend the nature of his mutterings. She tries to convince Capt. Taggert that the gods of Tev'Mek are speaking through Lazarus, trying to tell them how to save the warrior-diplomat from certain death. The Commander finds her prognosis ridiculous and thinks nothing further on the matter. Soon the voices of the Tev-Mek elders contact Lt. Madison in a dream. They tell her how to save Lazarus by taking him to the planet Amexon and bathing him in the Spring of Adirolf. To direct the Protector to Amexon Lt. Madison has to do a trick and tells the commander she got a help message from that planet. Once the vessel arrives at Amexon, the beautiful Lieutenant realizes that she unwittingly led the Protector into a trap set by Rulfian separatist in their constant guerrilla war against the Galactic Peace Accord. During the inescapable fight, she unravels the bio-telepathic ruse used against her and Dr. Lazarus, she is able to awaken the doctor who helps to defeat the Rulfian separatists. The episode ends with Lt. Madison cheerfully repeating status information from her chair on the command deck.

Episode #19: "The Omega Munity" Neu

Taggart and MadisonDuring a return from an excursion to planet Kralos 6 in the Omega system, where they did not wear their uniforms, Commander Taggert and Lt. Madison are kidnapped from kralosian pirates who want to get their shuttle. They ask them if they were pirates like them, and because they do not want to show their membership of the NSEA, both agree. Die Pirates say then they have to honour the code and bring them to their boss, but this will take 2 days until he will arrive. During their stay in the scabby old pirate ship, where defects are standard, one of their guards tells them the pirates plan a munity and want to get rid of their boss as he does not honour the code. So next day, the pirates lead Taggert and Madison to their boss, pretended to be in chains, but when Taggert daws his laser gun, the munity is started. Afer a short fight, the pirate boss gives up. Just when they try to arrest him, one of his men, a former meechan warrior, shouts that he recognized Commander Taggert. The pirate boss uses the confusion to escape, and Taggert and Madison take the chance to run to their shuttle. Unfortunately, it takes some time until the engines are started, so some of the pirates can enter the shuttle. Just after Taggert steers the shuttle away from dock, the pirates enter the cabin, telling he has to surrender. Fortunately, the commander can distract them, so Lt. Madison switches off the light. After a short gun fight, there is no sound, but suddenly the light is on again and only Taggert and Lt. Madison are standing, but the last pirate hides himself behind their back. Lt. Madison realizes him just in time and knocks him out with her close combat tricks.

Episode #20: "The Two Moons of Mee'Kan"

Two moonsThe magma fields of the two moons of Mee'Kan produce a particular type of radiation that drives human being to extreme acts of megalomania. When the NSEA Protector unknowingly enters within it's radiation field, the crew behavoir changes: Suddenly, everbody wants to be the boss, leader, commander, emperor etc. So a partly silly, partly aggressive atmosphere is developing. As nobody really cares for the ship any more, it is finally on the way of self destruction. Again, it is left to Dr. Lazarus to discover the problem and develop an antidote to remedy the situation.

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