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Episodes 51 - 60


Episode #51: "Vanisha From Mystos 5" Neu

VanishaAfter they were ambushed by two Meechan ships and had to fight rancorous, Taggert sees the only chance for a fire break when they fly in the atmosphere of the planet Mystos 5, a gas giant, ten times larger than Jupiter. After Laredo navigated the Protector to this destination, Dr. Lazarus says they cannot stay long because the atmosphere is reducing the efficiency of the energy flow of the ship. So Taggert orders to leave the planet and first the Meechans seem to be away, but soon they appear again and try to catch up the distance. Deep in the machine center, Tech Sgt. Chen is busy with the repairs when he suddenly meets a young woman with half long dark hair, introducing as Vanisha, telling him she lost her way and must go back to Mystos within 12 hours or she will die. First Chen thinks she is just an illusion caused by stress, especially because she is looking half transparent, but when he tells her that they cannot fly back as they cannot escape from the enemies, she helps him to make the engines 20 % more efficient which makes him trusting her. With more speed, the Protector finally can leave the Meechan ships behind. Taggert is enthusiastic asking Chen how he made it, so Chen tells him about the new guest. The commander is so surprised that he asks both to enter the commando cabin. Everybody is fascinated from Vanisha except Lt. Madison who is not sure if her appearance is just a trick of the Meechans. Taggert says he would like to bring her back to Mystos 5, but the enemies would stop them. A while after, the Protector is on course back to the planet and meet the Meechan ships again. While the commanders are sure now they can finally destroy the Protector, Tech Sgt. Chen helps Vanisha to change the ship as they discussed before and as she is able to reduce the energy flow of their ships to zero, the enemies give up at the end. The Protector flies back to Mystos 5 where Vanisha thanks everybody, especially Chen and tells him he must not be said as he will meet someone sweet in future. Chen is heartbroken for a while, but when Dr. Lazarus invites him for a Martini and cheers him up, he starts to feel better again.

Episode #52: "Today Is The Tomorrow Of Our Yesterdays" Neu

Today is the tomorrow of our yesterdaysThe Protecotor is called by a Ssazzbatt crew: They found a strange arch on Tok'Kar, one of the seven moons of Tev'Mek, and when one of them passed it, this one disappeared. When Dr. Lazarus inspects the arch, he finds an instruction written in an anchient version of Mak'Tar Mat, the language of the Mak'Tars. Fortunately he can translate it and understands that this arch is a kind of time machine, which, once activated, can transmit anybody back to any time of the past. To get back, one has to pass the arch again within 12 hours, otherwise the arch gets back in its deactivation status and can only be activated again after a year. After Commander Taggert told the Ssazzbatts that they will help, Dr. Lazarus suggests that Taggert must get the look of a Mak'Tar to make infiltration easier. Taggert agrees and together with Dr. Lazarus, he passes the door and both find themselfs in the past of Tev'Mek, short before the Meechans attacked the planet. Unfortunately, the Ssazzbatt crewmember was arrested and when Dr. Lazarus and Taggert try to find him, they meet Mor'Rak, the strict ruler of the city. During a hot tempered discussion, when Dr. Lazaus tries to explain that Tev'Mek is in great danger, Taggert drops his Mak'Tar camouflage accidentally, and both get arrested also. In Prison, they meet the Ssazzbatt and try to find a way out. Fortunately, Dr. Lazarus comes in contact with one of the female guards who does not believe him at first, but when he performs a mind-bending, both understand the consequences of their situation: If Dr. Lazarus, Taggert and the Ssazzbatt will be killed during the upcoming war, they will never explore the arch, the Protector crew will never exist and all the good work they did will never happen because today will control the tomorrow of their yesterdays. So she decides to help them. In a very dramatic escape action and hunted by other guards, they reach the arch, but Mor'Rak can overwhelm them short before. When he wants to lynch them, the first Meechan war ships appear and attack the city. During the chaos, Dr. Lazarus and Taggert and the Ssazzbatt can pass the arch in last second before the 12 hours period is over. Back on Tev'Mek, the arch deactivates itself and will now be guarded by the Mak'Tar police to avoid accidents in future.

Episode #53: "The Kremorian Fangor Beast" Neu

Protector upper sectionThe Protector brought Lt. Madison to a communication fair on Xoros 11. Short before the end of the fair, a Kremorian enters the Protector but is located by the security team and forced to leave the ship. After the Protector started to fly to Cragor, the next destination, Lt. Madison meets a strange new animal in her cabin, looking like a little hamster. She thinks that someone wanted to give her a pet, so she has no doubt. On next day, when she enters her cabin, it looks like chaos and the animal has changed, looking now like a dog with larger nose. As she is not sure what happend, she brings it to the animal section of the Protector and puts it in a cage. When she returns a day later, the cage is intact but the animal is missing. When she wants to talk to the station manager, she meets him worried because the animal could escape. Short time later, the alarm sounds and a fight is started near the loader area: The animal is now looking like a crocodile with 6 arms, but twice as large and obviously immune to laster shots, destroying everything in its way. Even worse, all humans it touches are mentally blocked and Dr. Lazarus is the only one who can remove this blocking (which he has to do at commander Taggert wants to help and the beast touches him while he protects a female cadet from it). When Taggert asks Tech Sgt. Chen to release the beast to space, Chen says the transporter cannot lock it as its biological structure is unknown. The situation becomes critical when the beast damages the life support system so there is only half an hour left for finding a solution. Finally Lt. Madison gets the right idea: The Protector splits its evacuated upper section with the beast from the lower one and send it to the next sun where both burn up. When Lt. Madison explains the development of the animal, Dr. Lazarus confirms that this can only be Kremorian Fangor Beast, one of the most dangerous creatures known. Now Taggert has to explain to the headquarter why he destroyed NSEA property and Lt. Madison has to go on a Xenobiology course on star base 11 to learn more about dangerous animals of the universe.

Episode #54: "The Dark Matter Generator" Neu

Professor ZabatanProfessor Zabatan, a Rigelian and one of the greatest scientists of the Galactic Union, is on board of the Protector, holding a lecture about his theory, getting energy from black matter. Tech Sgt. Chen is very interested, but realizes there is a mistake in the Professors formula, assuming that the dark matter would exist densified. The Professor admits, the theory is very new and needs adjustment. Suddenly, an object explodes near the Protector, causing damages to the ship. When Taggert asks Laredo angrily why he did not evade, Dr. Lazarus answers the scanners could not detect the object as ist matter structure is unknown. But now the screen shows almost nothing, only a twilight moving slowly. When Dr. Lazarus analyses it, it turns out that they are moving at the edge of a dark matter vortex and have only two hours left until they will reach the center where is a lot of anti-matter causing the final explosion and destroying the Protector entirely. Taggert orders Chen to start the engines, but the dark gravitation is already too strong, and Chen cannot use the turbo mode as it is damanged. When Taggert favourizes the dangerous idea to send some torpedos to the vortex center so it could collapse by its own explosions (but could crash the Protector too), Prof. Zabatan is in hard discussion with Tech Sgt. Chen about creating a dark matter energy generator. The only problem they have is that they need a flux compensator to avoid flow problems, but they get the idea that they can use the sound waves of their voices for replacement. Taggert agrees, Chen and Zabatan build the generator and they all get microphones. When Zabatan starts the generator, he makes gestures about how high or deep the crew must sound to keep the flow constant. Now Chen can get enough energy for the turbo generator and starts it, so the Protector can escape the dark matter vortex with a shaky flight and fly to the next star base for repairs.

Episode #55: "Lazerus, Lazerus" Neu

Mak'Tar boyOn planet Larada 9, the commander, Dr. Lazarus and Lt. Madison detect illegal Gallium-Arsenid mines of the Meechans where many other aliens are enslaved and forced to work under terrible conditions. On their way back to the Protector, Lt. Madison shouts "Look!" suddenly when she discovers a juvenile Mak'Tar boy. Unfortunately, he is not a slave but belongs to the guardians so the crew is captured and thrown in prison. A few hours later, it is the Mak'Tar boy's shift and he takes the chance to communicate with Dr. Lazarus, telling him proudly he lives the "Way of the Warrior" and all others who are weak deserve to live as slaves. Dr. Lazarus tells him about the Mak'Tar warrior spirit ("First ask, then shoot, try to win without violence, and use weapons to protect, not to conquer") and even shows him how mind-bending works. The boy is so impressed that he tells him the code for disabling the plasma shield around them so they can escape and return to the Protector. But short after they are back on board, they are confronted with first one, then another Meechan war ship and when the communication is established, they hear and see the Meechan commander laughing telling this was his plan because the Mak'Tar boy got the order to let them escape for finding the exact position of the Protector and call for reforcement. When he wants them to surrender and Taggert denies, he opens the fire. Although they fight bravely, the damage of the Protector is too high so Taggert says he is now ready for negotiations. The Meechan commanders are transported to the Protector, give a gun to the Mak'Tar boy and order to shoot Dr. Lazarus. Lt. Madison tries to protect him, but is poked away. The Mak'Tar boy targets Dr. Lazarus - returns and shoots the Meechan commanders, shouting to Taggert it is unfair to kill such brave beaten ones. He also briefs the crew on the vulnerable spots of the Meechan ships so finally the Protector can destroy the war ships. Taggert orders to take course on the next repair station and Dr. Lazarus takes the time to teach the young Mak'Tar boy who only knows the Meechan life more about the Mak'Tar culture and philosophy. To hour his teacher, the boy decides to change his name and is now called "Lazerus".

Episode #56: "The Lady Lord Of The Ring" Neu 

Taggert in SpaceDuring a short stop on star base 13, Taggert attends a concert in the evening. An Auxalian woman performs a dance show and sings so touching that the commander almost falls in love with her. When he talks with her at the bar later, saying the is some kind of researcher, she gives him some kind of ring for remembering her, but tells him he must give it back within 3 days. Taggert agrees and when he is back on board, he just have to push the ring and it will show a holographic movie of the show again. Of course Taggert forgets to give back the ring after three days, and then he pushes it on the forth day, the ring captures him by creating some kind of hard plastic container around him so he cannot move. Then it sends a signal to outer space. A day later, when Taggert does not appear, Lt. Madison looks for him and discovers the strange monument in his room. While Dr. Lazarus tries to analyze the material, the Protector is suddenly surrounded by some Auxalian ships and the Auxalian leader comes on board, telling he got a signal of the engagement ring. When the ring is used for more than 3 days, it captures the person and he or she must marriage the owner of the ring. When Lt. Madison explains it is just a misunderstanding, the Auxalian says the code of the ring must be honored or they are forced to start a war. The only comparison would be that Lt. Madison would marry him. Laredo gets an idea and says that Lt. Madison would love to but there is an Earth code saying a race must be started and the candidate must win before he can marry the woman. The Auxalian leader agrees and a fraught race is done which Lt. Madison wins thanks to Laredo who remote controls her ship secretly. However the Auxalian does not accept this and commands his ships to open the fire. In the last minute, the Auxalian woman appears telling she does not want to marry Taggert as a space commander is not what she has dreamed of. Taggert is finally released from his plastic container, swaering to avoid too alluring rings in future.

Episode #57: "The Organic Planets" Neu

Planet OneThe Protector detects an explosion on one planet of the Xarada system and when Dr. Lazarus realized that it was not natural, Taggert orders to fly to the planet for checking. When the crew has arrived, it turns out that three other planets near the one of the explosion are also affected - although their distances are too large for this. Then Dr. Lazarus researches give the result that all these planets are organic, which means they react as one large organism, so the situation can only be mastered when the effects of the explosion can be compensated. However, suddenly a gigantic round space ship appears, 10 times larger than the Protector, and three faces of old men appear on the Protector screen, saying they are the "three wise ones", maintainer of the system, and have to arrest the commander until they found the one who is blamable for this incident. Taggert is captured by a high energy beam and suddenly finds himself in a room with a Meechan an Ssazzbatt, both were near the system but say they do not know the reason. In the meantime, Dr. Lazarus and Lt. Madsion are analyzing the organic material from the planets and finally understand the explosion was like a knife cutting skin - so what they need now is a kind of plaster for the surface. Dr. Lazarus contacts Professor Zabatan to find a practical solution, and with his help they get the idea that 3 ships can create a plasma field containing the healing medicine and to let it drop over the explosion ground. Lt. Madison tells the plan to the Three Wise Ones, but the first decline as the help of the Meechan and Ssazzbatt is also needed, but finally agree when she says if they do nothing, the planets will collapse within a few hours. So finally the plasma field is established and although Taggert has a lot of quarrels with the Meechan and Ssazzbatt commander, they can heal the planet. They also discover that the explosion was created by a satellite with old plasma reactor engines but its origin can not be determined any more. The Three Wise now say they will release them but install a kind of barrier so no object can pass the planet orbits any more.

Episode #58: "Lt. Madisons Replacement" Neu

L'IshtaLt. Madison is infected by the space flu virus and commander Taggert requests a replacement. Surprisingly, a young Mak'Tar woman appears, saying her name is L'Ishta and she will work as communicator until Lt. Madison recovers. Taggert briefs her about her position and tries to play the ladiesman, but L'Ishta is more fond of Dr. Lazarus and discusses with him a lot, something Dr. Lazarus is not used to and gets a bit nervous. A short time later, the Protector is confronted with a 3 ships: A Meechan, a Ssazzbatt and a Rigelian transporter ship and the Meechan and Ssazzbatt both claim they are the owner of the goods, but the Regelian commander says the never signed a contract with them. Taggert tries his best to calm down the parties but most of the time, all are talking furiously with many gesticulations. Then L'Istha gets an idea which Taggert accepts, and so all parties land on a planet and find a large table on a meadow for negotiations. After everybody sits, Taggert says there is an old custom that all persons must eat before the negotiations can start and everybody has to accept a meal from the home planet of the parties. First he serves typical Earth food which everybody enjoys, then a Rigelian food, a kind of slowly moving vegetable which the Ssazzbatt does not like, then Meechan food, a kind of rumpsteak which the Rigelian cannot eat and on top of all, Kep-Mok Bloodticks from Tev'Mek. The Meechan is so shocked that he shoots his meal and shouts nobody can eat this, but L'Ishta and Dr. Lazarus prove that they can do very well. Seeing this, the Meechan is getting so sick that he vanishes quickly, only the Ssazzbatt says he will try to setup a new contract with the Rigelian. Soon after this incidence, Lt. Madison comes back on board and L'Ishta returns to Star Base 15. Taggert makes fun of Dr. Lazarus that his crush is now away and the doctor answers he does not miss her, but when he is alone in his room, he hangs a picture beside his map of Tev'Mek - showing her.

Episode #59: "The Smartbomb Trick" Neu 

Dr. Lazarus thinkingIn this episode, Dr. Lazarus is confronted with his past when he studied at the Mak'Tar Science Academy. During a scientist meeting on Tev'Mek, one of his teachers, Professor Rak'Nar contacts him and says "Nav'Ran, your secret dissertation was stolen". When Taggert asks him why it was secret, Prof. Rak'Nar tells him that Dr. Lazarus developed a method for a temporary cloning of large objects, e. g. space ships which was even successful when tested in simulations, but there was a problem which he could not solve and that was the reason why it was never published. In the meantime, Tech Sgt. Chen is in disussion with Prof. Zabatan who developed a new kind of smartbombs, creating subspace effects, and gets some specimen of them. In this moment, the NSEA headquarter is calling and orders the Protector to fly to the Omega sector for investiation of unusual activities, more could not be said as it is top secret. When the Protector arrives, the crew is shocked by what is presented: An army of cloned Meechan ships, heavy armed, has been created, and is now surrounding them. The face of Plavdog appears on screen of the Protector, telling he had stolen the Lazarus dissertation and sold to the Meechans, and if Taggert will not surrender within 15 minutes, the Protector will be destroyed. Dr. Lazarus shouts to Plavdog that there is a problem with the cloning method, but the communctation is stopped quickly. Chen, already near the commander, asks Dr. Lazarus now what was the problem and he tells him the large cloned objects cause a space time balance interference so a black hole will appear soon and remove the objects. Lt. Madison asks of the time left, and after Dr. Lazarus calculated it, he says just 10 minutes. Taggert asks if there is a way to escape, but Dr. Lazarus does not know and contacts Professor Rak'Nar again, who says only a wormhole can save them. Then Laredo tells them the next wormhole is too far away to reach it in time, unless they are kicked to. That makes Chen getting an idea. When the ultimatim is over, Plavdog appears on the Protector's screen again, demanding surrender, but gets no answer. Insted, he watches the Protector doing strange tasks: It releases a chain of smart bombs in a row, just one after the other. Before he can ask what it means, the first effects from a black hole, enlarging quickly, touches the cloned ship army, moving them to the center of the hole. Taggert orders to explode the smart bombs and start the hyperdrive. Their plan works, the explosions creating a subspace wave reducing the attraction of the black hole so the hyperdrive speed can move them out of the danger zone. The episode ends with a celebration at the Mak'Tar academy where Chen and Dr. Lazarus introduce their newly developed "Smart Black Hole Anti-Attraction Generator" basing on the smartbomb technology.

Episode #60: "The Moonquake Problem" Neu

Protector detonationThe Protector crew is crossing the Omega sector because they deteced strange gas anomalies. Dr. Lazarus detects that vulcans on a large moon of a giant gas planet are emitting these gases, so Taggert decides to land on it. Unfortunaltely, an earthquake starts so he, Dr. Lazarus and Lt. Madison have to run into a cavern which crashes so their way out is blocked. Meanwhile, the Protector has to fight with another difficulty as strange plasma balls from the mighty vulcans are tossed through the toxic atmosphere towards the ship and explode nearby, so Laredo tries to get a higher orbit but the engines do not work right because the ship is shaken by the fluctuating magnetic field of the moon. When the earthquake stopps, Tech Sgt. Chen searches and finds a gadget he got from a friend some time ago, it is a magnetic field stabilisator but the formula of its software is partly incorrect and his friend did not have the time to correct it. Chen tries to find the solution for hours and finally falls asleep. In his dream, he walks on the moon but moves in circles until he climbs a rock to get a better view. When he wakes up and checks the formula again, he finally realizes that there was a exponent missing, so he can correct the software. At this time, Taggert, Dr. Lazarus and Lt. Madison are still seaching for the exit. They finally find it and can contact the Protector, but suddenly the next earthquake starts. Chen activates his stabilisator gadget which does not work right first, but when he gives more energy to it, the shaking of the Protector stopps finally and he can transport the commander and the others back on deck. Later, when they enter the bar for relaxiation and the bar keeper offers them some special milk shakes, Taggert says he got enough shakes for a very long time and prefers the same martini Dr. Lazarus usually likes to drink. The others laugh.

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