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Episodes 21 - 30


Episode #21: "In The Arms Of The Kraken" Neu

Protector with krakenA mega space kraken captures the Protector and absorbs all energy of the ship before defense actions can be taken. Not wanting to loose their biologic energy, the crew has to find a way to escape before getting too weak to react. They can escape after they used Methan smoke to get the kraken tired and getting back energy by the power tree plant in cabin of Dr. Lazarus.

Episode #22: "The Price Of Peace"

Crewman on planetWhen the Protector is used to hold an intergalactic peace conference a Gdonk delegate claims political prosecution and defects to the NSEA. The Protector is immediately surrounded by an armada of Gdonk heavy cruisers and given twenty-four hours to surrender. Commander Taggert uses a prototype mime simulife to mimic the Gdonk delegate and buy enough time to escape with the real Gdonk.

Episode #23: "Grapthar's Hammer" Neu

Lazarus with hammerGrapthar is the king god of the Mak'Tar and uses his hammer to create or destroy objects. So it is an exciting news to the Mak'Tar when a Megonian archaeologist claims, he knew the position of the hammer, starts an excavation and really finds an extra dimensional hammer which is confirmed to be several million years old, even by NSEA experts. Logical, the hammer is ultra valuable for the Mak'Tar and suddenly a conflict is developing of who owns the hammer. The Megonian archaeologist claims it for himself and is ready to sell it for a hugh price, the Mak'Tar say it belongs to the people and cannot be sold. No wonder that this conflict is noticed from the NSEA headquarter which orders the Protector to conciliate the quarrel. When the Proctetor arrives at Mak'Tar, the conflict escalated because the hammer is missed and each party balmes the other to hide it. Taggert can just stop the people from using weapons as the gets them for a peace agreement as long as the hammer is searched. Lt. Madison uses the xenobiologic talent and detects that animals, the Tar'Naks, which looks like a mixture of rodents and pigs, must have buried the hammer, because they do that with all things looking like food to them. With help of a special dectector, made by Tech Sgt. Chen, they can find the hammer, but when they try to dig it out, they are attacked by Tar'Naks. Dr. Lazarus explains that the animals hate sulfur smoke, so Taggert protects the place by creating a ring of sulfur around it. Consequently, working with that smell is not really funny. In the meantime, Dr. Lazarus checks old scripts and finds a message that the hammer belongs to whom can throw it at least for 3 meters. The Megonian archaeologist, his men and many Mak'Tars try it then, but all fail. Afer even Taggert failed, Dr. Lazarus is asked to try it. He almost failed, but then Taggert provocates him so enormously that he gets a rage attack and throws the heavy hammer really more than 3 meters. However, Taggert is in line of throwing so the hammer shaft knocks his head and he as to go to hospital which enlarges his respect for the force of Grapthars Hammer.

Episode #24: "The Shape Shifter Of Texorian 3"

Crew smallWhen the Protector on-loads core fuel from the penal mining station on the far ring around the planet Textorian 3, they unwittingly bring on board six hardened space convicts. Mutants who can shape shift into any form they want. They capture and hide away the Protector's officers one after another and just as their takeover is almost complete (when they finally master the difficult shift into Lazarus' form) the delayed effects from exposure to the fuel contaminants eventually causes them to boil from the inside out.

Episode #25: "Wormhole In Time"

Sarris ship In this highly unusual episode the NSEA Protector becomes trapped in a wormhole time bump in which the crew views their own deaths. As Tech Sargeant Chen tries to get all system back online, the crew finds their ship haunted with the ghosts of themselves. It is up to Taggert to device a way to extricate themselves from the situation by cunningly enlisting the help of their very own ghost images.

Episode #26: "Hal'Perm, The Magnificent"

Fred ChenIn this bizarre episode we get to meet the evil Hal'Pern, the Magnificent He will wow you with his magic show, inspire tears with his poetry, and lull you into the warmest of friendships - only to pick your pockets clean when he has gained your trust. However, the crew is assigned to bring Hal'Pern alive and well to the emperor of Zarzipo, or the Universe will suffer the diplomatic consequences. Hal'Pern tries to trick his way back to freedom, but the alert eyes of Tech Sargeant Chen catches every one of his tricks.

Episode #27: "Escape from Tev'Mek"

Lazarus shockedDr. Lazarus is tortured by nightmares of his harrowing escape from the planet Tev'Mek. The visions become more acute as the Protector approaches the Mirad'llah Constellation. There, the true source of Dr. Lazarus' despair becomes evident. A pocket of evil Meechans have set up camp in one of the moons of Doras and plan to send a thermal nuclear mega blast to Tev'Mek. Of course, the Meechans were the species that conquered and destroyed the peace loving Mak'Tars back when Dr. Lazarus was a child. Overcome with anger, Dr. Lazarus sets off on a mission to avenge the bygone holocaust. Stopped by the Commander before recklessly violating the Galactic Peace Accord, and suggests a trick: They visit the Meechans, telling them they are a clown group wanting test a performance. Happy for this alternation, the Meechans take part of the show, not realizing they are disarmed. Finally they manage to arrest the despicable Meechan warriors for armament and biologic transgressions.

Episode #28: "Never Bet On Sundays"

CrewWhile coming out from thrust drive the Protector runs into another vessel, a small space junket. They evacuate the crew of rogue space gypsies from the smaller ship and hose them in the Protector's guest quarters. On the way to transporting their new passengers to a safe haven, Commander Taggert becomes involved in a game of chance and looses the NSEA Protector to the gypsy commander. When the gypsy overtakes command, a chaos follows as his orders are completely nonsense. However, Dr. Lazarus discovers that the gypsy cheated Taggert and invites him to a Mak'Tar cardgame. Curiously, the gypsy commander agress, however he as to drink a lot martini during the game, and when he finally must east Bloodticks, he surrenders and returns command to Taggert.

Episode #29: "A Taste For Nothing"

Fred ChenWhile on a routine mission to the fuel depot on M'Yurg 47, Sgt. Chen, Lt. Laredo and two other Protector crew members are taken hostage by Eonids, local creatures who live under the direct command of galactic arch-enemy, Pladvog. Although based on the human model, Eonids lack eyes, ears, noses, mouths and hands, making them easy prey for Pladvog's telepathic mind control. At any rate, the Eonids wrap Laredo and the others in half-cocoons made from spider-like spinning material. Pladvog offers to trade the captives for Capt. Taggert's fuel codes for all quadrants of the universe. Knowing this would put the galaxy at the mercy of Pladvog, Taggert refuses to comply and plots a way to save his colleagues from this impossible situation. Pladvog orders the Eonids kill one of the crew members by completing the cocoon, which would slowly strangle him. Taggert eventually gets the upper hand by telepathically signal jamming the Eonids and is able to rescue his close-to-be-strangled comrade. To arrest Plavdog, the crew asks the Eonids to create a huge, almost invisible spider web. When it is ready, the invite Plavdog to land on the planet for overtaking the fuel codes. When he follows, Taggert provocates him so much that he forgets all carefulness, falls in the web and is trapped.

Episode #30: "The Cthulian Craft"

Ball danceOne of the more puzzling and metaphysical episodes in GQ history.  Responding to an emergency locator beacon, the Protector homes in on the planet Cthulaj, a two-sun, five-moon orb in the far corner of the Olian 11 Galaxy. The signal is pinpointed near the center of the planet's capital city, an urban area hauntingly similar to late 20th century Earth. In pod disks, Capt. Taggert, Dr. Lazarus and Lt. Madison land and are greeted by pleasant, very human-like creatures who cheerfully escort them to their leader, Merseen. Merseen is bewildered by the radio beacon report but welcomes the trio to look for its source. Though the Cthulian cheerfulness charms and relaxes Taggert and Madison, Dr. Lazarus continues to look for the source of the now silent beacon. After tracing the beacon to its exact source the good Doctor uncovers a subculture of elderly Galactic Union scientists, philosophers, artists and others imprisoned in a very modern subterranean catacombs. Confronted with the discovery, Merseen confesses to holding the senior intellectuals in the hope of learning how to have feelings. Taggert demands their freedom, Merseen objects, prepares for war, but all is set right when a few elder Galactic Unionists agree to stay on Cthula to live with its people.

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