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Episodes 31 - 40


Episode #31: "Parallax Premonition"

Taggart SmilingThis one is considered the crayziest written episode in GQ history. After tinkering with the molecular conveyor belt, Sgt. Chen notices Capt. Taggert and Lt. Madison strangely changed after they return from the distant Z'tara Planet. Taggert, unable to focus on running the ship, refers all questions to "the his friend the monkey." Madison keeps falling a sleep and mumbling incoherently. Dr. Lazarus, deeply disturbed by their cheerful stupidity, takes over command after Taggert suggests rewiring the ship for improved performance. As their conditions worsen, Lazarus goes to Z'tara to investigate the source of their rapidly deteriorating condition. There he discovers ancient-looking duplicates of the entire Protector crew ready to be activated and sent back aboard . Dr. Lazarus avoids being supplanted by cloaking himself with a magneto-reflective shield and locates the real Capt. Taggert and Lt. Madison and returns with them onboard. Following is a hilarious scene in which Taggert and Madison battle and destroy their dull-witted duplicates while the duplicates spew out torrents of nonsense. The episode ends with Dr. Lazarus, on deck, sipping his newfound favorite drink, the Martini.

Episode #32: "The Space Maze" Neu

Lt. Madison & TaggertAfter visiting the Tagarthians, the crew of the Protector wants to take course to planet Vegoria. However, a Tagarthian general warns them not to take the direct route as they could meet a mystical creature named "The Guardian" and possibly never continue their journey. However, the commander understands this as something like a joke and orders Laredo not to change the direct course. However, after they moved into a wormhole, something takes control over the Protector and forces it to exit. When the ship arrived in normal space, a kind of bright round light is in front of it, introducing itself as the guardian and asks the crew if they are sure they took the right course. Lt. Madison comes near Taggert to assist, but the commander answers, the course is correct and they knew what they do. The guardian says if they are really so clever they have to proove it and suddenly, Taggert and Lt. Madison find themselfs in a kind of garden, surrounded by high bushes. First they realize the smell of something roasted and follow it, but when they find it, they can see how it disappears suddenly. Then they hear something ringing and go straight its direction, finding some kind of old bell which they can really touch and stop. It takes a while until they understand that they must follow the sound, not the smell. Additionally, they meet some kind of other individuals looking for the exit, first a Megorian telling them their strategy is completely wrong, then two Meechans who are shooting all the time meaning the commander wants to arrest them and finally a Ssazzbatt wanting them to buy a key for the exit. Finally they find the exit door and when they open it, a kind of wormhole comes in sight. Lt. Madison is afraid to jump, but the commander says, they will not surrender here, so both embrace, close their eyes and jump. When they open their eyes again, they are back on the ship, which is already continuing its tour. But because everybody could see their embrace, Dr. Lazarus asks Taggert if he really has nothing better to do than to flirt instead caring for his duty.

Episode #33: "The Smaller, The Sweeter" Neu

Fred Chen smiling Tech Sgt. Chen detects an instability in the hull structure of the Protecor, created by micro-high frequency, but cannot locate it as the position changes rapidly. Dr. Lazarus analyses the frequency and concludes that a microscopic small life form must be the reason. He develops a shrink laser which downsizes Commander Taggert and Lt. Madison in way that they can move through the world of atoms on motor sliders. When they meet the strange life form, a coloful sphere, it sings in such a beautiful way that the commander is fascinated and does not move any more. However, after Lt. Madison tweaks his ears, which he really does not like, he wakes up. Lt. Madison can establish a communication with the life form and learns that it really likes to sing, but cannot stay at a firm place because the moving atoms will push sooner or later. Fortunately, the Commander gets an idea and orders Tech Sgt. Chen to create a kyro container proving the coldness of -273°C. The strange life form slips in and stays in it. The episode ends when loud speakers are connected with the kyro container and the crew dances to the singing of the talented lifeform.

Episode #34: "The Space Theater" Neu

Dr. Lazarus & Lt. MadisonDr. Lazarus is very fond of 'Richard III.', a theater play from Shakesepeare. So he is very excited when the Protector visits the Humontos colony and the theater there is presenting this play. Curiously, the watches the play and is surprised when the actor, playing the king, points at him and calls him a traitor. He is carried away and sent to prison which is protected by a strong shield. In the meantime, Commander Taggert discovers that the Humontos are a fanatic sect, really believing the Mak'Tar had stolen an important artefact in anchient time which their king needs to rule. Tommy is scanning the planet and detects the artefact in the wall of the prison, next to the cell of Dr. Lazarus directly. Again, he and the rest of the crew have to demonstrate their artistic talent, pretending to the Humontos that a large catastrophe happened and their planet's energy system has to be disabled for half an hour. When the Humontos are following surprisingly, the prison is unprotected and they can find Dr. Lazarus. However, the Humontos are getting the trick and are about to loose their temper. On the last second, the crew can dig the artefact and get back their freedom.

Episode #35: "Protector For Sale!" Neu

Protector in blue space The Protector needs a new Beryllium sphere and lands on the ming planet Salos 3. After they got the sphere and installed it, the owner of the mine, a Merchoner, demands the tenfold price for it, claiming that the sphere was made of noble Beryllium and a special Titanium alloy. As Taggert does not want to agree, the Merchoner wants the sphere back immediately. However, as the deinstallation of the sphere needs several hours, the crew cannot keep the term. For a quick reaction, the Merchoner confiscates the entire Protector according to rule of the Galactic Trade Law and offers it on the market. While Taggert and Dr. Lazarus telling every possible buyer now how miserable the Protector is, Lt. Madison meets a Merchon lawer in a bar, and using her female appeals, she can make an agreement with him. After short nagociation between lawer and mine owner, the Protector is returned to Taggert and Dr. Lazarus, although they wonder very much. However, later they learn the price they have to pay for it: The Merchoner is permitted to join the Protector for a week and offer his items for sale. It will be a stressful week for the crew as they have to bear the advertising of the Merchoner and this sale communications all the time.

Episode #36: "The Beryllium Crisis" Neu

BerylliumThe Beryllium is in short supply. The Protector is sent to the area around Zentonis 9, a ring planet with lots of moons, examinated to hold Beryllium. After arrival, Dr. Lazarus detects really a lot of this material. However, the Meechan warriors have arrived before, occupied everything and demand an astronomic high price for the desired sphere. Taggert and Dr. Lazarus trying a trick and plan to demonstrate the Meechans that Beryllium is not needed any more as Titanium is much better. This failes because Tommy destroys the fake Titanium sphere modell accidentally. While Taggart is in hard negociations with the Meechans now, Lt. Madison wants to tell him a message from Tech Sgt. Chen, however the Commander answers always with "Not now!". When the negociations fail and the first gun fire ist started, Lt. Madison shouts to Taggert, the Meechan warriors do not have any Beryllium, Sgt. Chen had readjusted the scanner and now there is only Tellurium detected, but new Beryllium deposits have been explored on Kanopus 7. Therefor, Taggert sends a battle buoy to the Meechans for keeping them busy and orders a hyper drive to Kanopus 7, where they finally find Beryllium. At the end of the episode, Taggert has to make lot of excuses to Lt. Madison for not listening to her sooner, always asking "Is it enough now?"

Episode #37: "The Pleasures Of Tauran" Neu

Taggert saying cheersThe Protector is visited by the Parrans who want to sign a trade accord with the Galactic Union after dinner. However, the Parran minister does not like the meal and he suggests to spice it with Tauran. All aggree except Dr. Lazarus who prefers to have his Kep-Mok Bloodticks pure. Cheerfully, the trade accord is signed afterwards and everybody leaves satisfied. Next day, the crew is shocked when they realize the Tauran caused strange deformations with them: The commander got huge nose and ears, Laredo a large head, Tech Sgt. Chen an extrasize stomach and Lt. Madison an entire loss of her hair (which she covers with a headscalf, but does complain all the time she looks miserable and Taggert should do something finally). Taggert contacts the Parrans who are ready to sell an antidote - for a extra high level price of course. Taggert denies and asks Dr. Lazarus to develop the antidote. Accidentally, Prof. Gnatzpof calls Taggert, an Obotan he knows from an adventure long time ago. Obotans are looking human except their nose and ears are much bigger. Prof. Gnatzpof is astonished and happy to see the commander in this way, because Taggert looks similar to the Obotan president, who is in a coma currently, can he conciliate a border conflict at his position. As reward, he could get the antidote from from him as his people have this trade agreement with the Parrans for along time already. Taggert agrees and, with help of Dr. Lazarus, he can really get an agreement for the border parties. So he gets the antidote and can help everybody to get rid of the Tauran deformations.

Episode #38: "The Converted Meechans" Neu

Madison fightingThe Protecor escorts Professor Zabatan to Dareelios 2. This planet is quite hot and mostly dry, but an unknown civilization created a lot of strange but mordern buildings on its surface a long time ago and then suddendly disappeared. The professor wonders why the constructions are in such a condition that they could be used even today. After he got enough material to analyze it in his laboratory on star base 3 and the Protector is already on its way to this destination, three Meechan ships appear and demand the handover of the professor, otherwise they would open the fire. When Taggert denies and the Meechan ships start to shoot, another 3 Meechan ships appear surprisingly and attack the first 3 which decide to flee. While Dr. Lazarus supposes the Meechans might fight a civil war, a female Meechan, Meeta, appears on the Protector screen telling they are a group of converted people who do not longer want only to produce and sell weapons and abuse other people, but find a place for a peaceful living and need help. Although Dr. Lazarus warns Taggert that could be a trick and Lt. Madison agrees with him, the commander says the crew has to provide an acknowledgment of gratitude and invites Meeta and her guards to come on board of the Protector. During their meeting, a bomb explodes near the cabin of professor Zabatan but luckly he was not in. Laredo says now they need no other proof that the Meechans are evil, but Meeta swears she and her men have nothing to do with the incident. When Professor Zabatan and Tech Sgt. Chen analyse the explosion, they detect that the bomb left too unusual traces for being a Meechan bomb. Lt. Madison gets an idea to test the Meechans: She invites them to a martial arts show demonstrating some tricks with each of them but they all must change their clothes for fighting robes short before it  their attendance. The show starts and Lt. Madison and most of the Meechans show really a great performance, but one Meechan says he cannot do that beacuse of an affiction. Taggert says no problem the doctor will care for him and after the doctor analyzed him, it turns out that he is a Ruflian separatist just modelling a Meechan. Finally he is arrested, but Meeta and her people still do not know where to go. Professor Zabatan has a great idea to let them settle on Dareelios 2, helping him and a crew of NSEA men to check out who the civilisation was there. The Meechans agree, happy to know that they now have a safe place for their asylum.

Episode #39: "The Asteroid Rain Of Mollux 5" Neu

Taggert with Protector behind

The Protector is called from the Molluxaners, turtle-like aliens. Their planet passes an asteroid belt twice a year and during that time, a hail of asteroid peaces is raining down on them. They are used to and come along with it very well, however since two years, this rain comes four times a year, which is unusual to them. When the Protector crew cheks the area to find a reason, it turns out that an Megorian mine is extracring ore nearby and sends the garbage directly in direction of their planet. The commander and Dr. Lazarus visit the miners, which are friendly at first, but then angry when the commander tells them this kind of space pollution is illegal, arrest and disarms them after short fight, carry them to an old, broken down ship wreck and send to Mollux 5. While the commander tries to get in contact with the Proctector using his communcator, which does not work well in the ship, Dr. Lazarus checks the ship, always adimiring the condition of the old technical work. He finds a kind of gadget which could be used as a dynamo and produce more energy for the communicator so a higher coverage could be achieved, but needs hard physical service of at least 2 persons. As their only alternative is to burn up in the atmosphere of Mollux 5, Dr. Lazarus creates the dynamo. While both are running in circles, moving a crank lever to spin the dynamo, the commander finally reaches Lt. Madison, but she wonders why she hears so much moaning and groaning along the messages. Fortunately, the Protector can save Taggert and Dr. Lazarus just a moment before it crashes into the atmosphere of Mollux 5. On board again, Taggert calls for reinforcement, arrests the Mergorians and closes the illegal mine.

Episode #40: "The Time Bending Effect" Neu

Laredo as ChildIn this episode, Laredo is celebrating his birthday and the crew of the Protector remembers how it could happen that he became just a 10 year old pilot: When the ship moved to Galaxy Paronia to study how new stars are born, it arrived between to giant planets with extra hugh grativity, so near to each other that they change over their moons constantly. The flexible magnetic field of this constellation effects that not only matter but even time is expanded or compressed, so the crew of the Protector can work either slow or fast and becomes older and younger constantly. Dr. Lazarus discovers that this effect can only be neutralized if the Protector had a grativity 10 times stronger than now. Tech Sgt. Chen wants to  install additional rotors on the wings of the Protector and starts to work being a boy and grandfather alternatively. In the meantime, the time bending effects become more and more dramatic, partly some crew members are seen as babies or dodderers. Dr. Lazarus calculates that the Protector must create the heavy gravitiy for at least 5,386 minutes, and then Tech Sgt. Chen want to start the rotors, the commander orders that everybody must take seat belts. However, the vibrations become so strong that Laredo looses his belt and hits his console, causing a short circuit after 3,75 minutes. The Protector is now away from the gravitation field, but Loredo now has the body of a 10 year old boy. But as his adult knowledge still exists, the commander stands up for him so he gets an extra permission to continue his service. The other crew members are happy about their 8 years younger version, only Dr. Lazarus is unhappy because his power tree plant is now very little again.

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