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Episodes 81 - 90


Episode #81: "Assault on Voltareck III" Neu

Taggert on Voltareck IIIVoltareck III is a geologic very active planet and was supposed to be entirely lifeless. This was an error as the Protector crew will soon have to learn. When they hunted again a Meechan ship transporting illegal weapons on board, it lands on this planet and has been disappeared for now. Taggert wants to hire a crew for searching but Dr. Lazarus warns him that the enemy could use his weapons, so he decides to go with Dr. Lazarus, Lt. Madison, two additional men and a security expert. Shortly after they landed on the planet and Dr. Lazarus is determining signals using his detector device, a lava monster appears and draws the security expert down where he flushes into the lava. Shocked from this, they run to a cavern and hide. To go forward, Dr. Lazarus suggests to create a firewall hologram created by his detector, so they could stay uncovered. Taggert agrees and so they finally come to the Meechan ship where Dr. Lazarus deactivates the hologram again. Suddenly, they are attacked by some laser beams and have to duck. Two Meechans settled behind a rock and fire at them constantly. Taggert wants to launch his two additional men to suprise the Meechans while he keeps their attention with his blaster shots. But then the surface between them opens and hot lava appears. The Meechans sink together with their ship downwards into the boiling lava. Again a lava monster appears and attacks them, but his time they cannot escape as they are already encircled by lava. Lat. Madison tries to get contact with the Protector but does not get any answer. Taggert fires his Nebulizer but without any effect. The monster prepares for the final strike and is about to touch Taggert´s head. In this moment, they are transfered back on board of the Protector. Fred Chen must laugh when he sees that Peter Taggerts hair is adust which means the commander has now to wear a toupee for some weeks.

Episode #82: "The Sweetness of Unknown Melodies" Neu

Lt. Madison eyeingThe Protector is on its way and passes the Quarrox system. Suddenly, Lt. Madison starts to sing a nice melody and does not stop. When Commander Taggert casually asks her what she sings, she has to admit she does not know nor understand the words, but cannot get it off her mind. Dr. Lazarus finds that strange and analyses her meldody which turns out to be an unknown language but it seems to be complicated. Taggert asks Tech Sgt. Chen for help and some time later he provides a translation. Now they understand there once their was a planet near them holding unknown life forms. Suddenly it was destroyed by a mighty force that evil people created and went out of control. When Dr. Lazarus scans the area around them he confirms there are weak patterns of Meechan weapon technology, so he supposes the Meechans started a kind of weapon experiment here but lost control and destroyed the entire planet and what they hear is an echo of the life forms which are gone now. Chen detects the melody code is so complex because it contains subspace patterns which give the possibility to bring the people back with quarsar energy. So Laredo flies the Protector to the next quasar and Chen activates the patterns, but nothing happens. Lt. Madison admits they cannot bring the people back and must surrender. Taggert answers that they will never surrender and asks Chen for another idea. Now Dr. Lazarus suggests to redirect the quasar energy with the echo patterns to the next habitable planet. So Chen creates a kind of filter generator and when he starts it, the board computer reports a new life form on the destination planet, human-like but smaller with dark blue skin and large substrained ears. When they visit the people, they cannot remember anything, even  their name so Taggert decides they have to be called the "Madisonians" from now.

Episode #83: "The Tachyon Trick" Neu

Dr. Lazarus with detectorDue to a navigation order misunderstanding between Commander Taggert and Laredo, the Protector is accidentally located in the Waste Lands, a large area without any stars. After a while, they meet a corona sending electric arcs, paralyzing everything they touch. Only Dr. Lazarus is not effected and detects that the paralysis is not a physical but a neural problem and can only be stopped by Tachyon radiation. Unfortunaltely, there is no Tachyon generator on board, but the detector device of Dr. Lazarus can generate a little Tachyon field under certain adjustments. Just in the moment he is about to adjust his detector, Lt. Madison snatches it, looking at him with glooming blue eyes and telling with a stange voice that the Protector cannot go away as it delivers such a lot of high quality energy. The other crew members are also overtaken by the strange intelligence. Dr. Lazarus fools them by emphasizing they (the crew) have to surrender, but even now Taggert shouts "No, we never give up and will never surrender!" Using this surprise moment, Dr. Lazarus stops the graviation so everybody is lifted and gets the detector back after a short fight and under Nebulizer fire from the others. As soon as he activates the Tachyon field, the phenomenon disappears and Laredo flies the Protector away from the corona. To avoid any misunderstanding in future, Dr. Lazarus demands that each navigation order has to be repeated two times. Taggert denies, but when Lt. Madison threatens him to repeat each order ten times, he finally agrees.

Episode #84: "The Firmware Problem" Neu

Taggert orderingThe firmware of the Protector ship computer has been updated and now the ship is on course to Rigel 7. First everything looks fine, but then a Rigelian freighter crosses the way of the Protector. The ship computer detected a thread and attacks the ship independly. Laredo deactivates the weapons and changes the course, but is ignored. Commander Taggert calls Chen to power-down the ship computer, but when he is on his way, he is suddenly locked between two doors. Lt. Madison wants to explain the situation to the freighter commander, but communication is blocked. Suddenly Laredo gets an idea and changes the course to Braxxas 3, known as a Meechan base. Strangly the ship computer follows and flies the Protector to the new destination. However, that is only a short break because Meechan ships appear quickly. However, the ship computer does not detect any thread and disables the shields. Now the Meechans attack the Protector. While it suffers from bombardement, Chen informs Taggert that he might found a solution. The Meechans demand surrender from Taggert, but he ignores that and tells Chen the solution is needed urgently. Short before a hull break, Chen can enter a virus in the ship computer memory which activates the old firmware and establishes the shields in the last second. Laredo changes quickly the course to the next space station of the Galactic Union for repairs. Taggert thanks Chen for his hacker qualities, but Chen now wants to tell him extensivly how the virus works so he has to hear all details for the rest of the day.

Episode #85: "13 In a Row" Neu

Lt. Madison with Dr. LazarusWhen the Protector vistits the Wasteland for a another time, Dr. Lazarus detects an area with abnormal gravitation. When they reach the position, they watch a very strange star system: 13 large and small planets circulate around a giant sun, but all in the same row. This has effects to the crew also: They start to feel unwell and get better when they stand in a row - the more the better. Unfortunately, they cannot select their row partners, they just seem to stuck, and so the strangest pairs are established: Lt. Madison with Laredo, Commander Taggert with Dr. Lazarus, Tech Sgt. Chen with a female doctor. The huge gravitation attracts the Protector now so the ship must follow but the pressure makes it rumbling and squeaking, and some people get hurt. Chen wants to modify the engines to establish a anti-gravitation field, but the doctor wants to help her patience so both start a quarrel about what is more important. Taggert finally points out that without technical help, all the rest will get hurt too so its clear that Chen gets the priority. The doctor finally agrees but as Chen is behind her, he needs her assistance for his work. While Taggert tries to manage the chaos, Dr. Lazarus gets another idea and wants to reach Laredo, but suddenly they are connected again - the Commander, Dr. Lazarus, Madison and Laredo are now a row. But Taggert decides that the idea is a try worth and lets Laredo, first one of the row, walk to his panel. The Protector starts to fly around a planet to use it as a catapult for leaving the area, but then the computer energy breaks down and navigation becomes impossible. The Protector is about to crash with the planet which comes more and more near, but when it is near to touch the energetic atmosphere, the computer energy is back and Laredo can enter the course to pass. However, it is too late and the Protector starts to glow for friction, then the ship bounces shortly - and stops. Chen and the doctor managed to create the anti-gravitation, so Laredo can fly away from this solar system and the rows can be released. Taggert says, acutally it has been fun to act like this and they should to it again, but Lt. Madison answers she accepts this only if she could choose anything for her partner, preferably her own hologram.

Episode #86: "Density For You And Me" Neu 

Dr. Lazarus with Tech Sgt. ChenWhen the Protetor is leaving the Rigelian system, a short vibration runs through the ship. However, it caused no damage. When Commander Taggert asks Tech Sgt. Chen what it was, Chen answers it was a kind of subspace disorder wave being able to transit any matter, but nothing to worry. A few days later, Laredo reports that the Protector performs deviations from normal course now and then, but he cannot explain it. When Chen checks this, he detects some strange little transparent spots at some places of the ship, growing slowly and seem to reduce the material density. Although he tries to find the reason, a quick solution is far away and so this tream compounds the transparent areas and so after a short time, the ship looks like having chickenpox. Dr. Lazarus informs Chen he deteced a fluctuation in the Beryllium converter which is probably the reason but Chen says it has really nothing to do with the problem, so both start a intensive quarrel but Taggert stops them when Lt. Madison says the reason is the hyper drive generator. When Dr. Lazarus and Chen ask her why she knows that, she answers the board computer screen shows this already. Chen, ashamed, checks it and says the subspace disorder must have started hyper drive activity, but moved the energy with it so its like unrolling a wool ball. To stop this, he has to create a second subspace disorder with the transporter but the chance the ship will survive this is just 50%. As the next star base is too far away, Taggert decides to land on the next asteroid, evacuate the Protector and lets Chen do his work only with Taggert and Dr. Lazarus on board. After the evacuation is done, Chen starts the transporter with Dr. Lazarus and Taggert behind him, but first it seems it would not work, however when Dr. Lazarus calls the power saying "Larak tarath" repetively, Chen finally manages it and another very hard vibration runs through the ship, causing explosions here and there and finally the transporter implodes, but when it stopped, the transparent spots are away. Finally they can dock on a star base and repair the Protector, and when they all in a bar and ordered some drinks, Chen says the must leave as he just got an idea for a wave defense system. "Gone with the wave" says Lt. Madison before she raises the glass.

Episode #87: "The Magic Marble" Neu

Chen listeningIn a bar on a desert planet colony of the Galactic Union, Tech Sgt. Chen feels sorry with an old Gdonk trander any buys one of his marbels from which he said it is a kind of magic power in it but should not be used for long. Back on ship, he connects it with electricity energy as it starts to twinkle nicely. Later in the command center, Commander Taggert orders a new course but Dr. Lazarus disagrees as a part of the way goes straight through Meechan area. Taggert answers they will unlikely meet the Meechans as they have a holiday at this time and will be home mostly. But when the Protector reaches the area, 20 Meechan ships appear because the crews wanted to meet for a festival and now the Protector is highly outnumbered. Lt. Madison suggests to tell them the Protector is on a medical mission with many infects on board, but Taggert misunderstands her.  When the Meechan general commands Taggert to surrender, Taggert denies and tells them the Protector has some problems with infects but got a new secret weapon which really dangerous. The Meechans, now really curious, preparing to attack the Protector, but after some shots from their laser guns, they vanish suddenly. Laredo says there are copies of the Protector in a line beside the ship, and when the crew checks it, they see that it is true. Only Chen understands the reason and when he deactivates the magic marbel,  the copies disappear. He explains that this phenomenon creates a kind of subspace mirror around the Protector which looks like an army of the same ships. Taggert is now enthusiastic and whenever they meet Meechans, Rulfians or other enemies, he orders Chen to activate the marbel. However, once when they meet some Gdonk ships wanting them to pay custom, Taggert orders to use the marble but nothing happens. Chen reports the marble suddenly shrunk and he does not know how to reactivate it. The Gdonks heared Chens message accidentally and laugh, then they tell the crew that marble needs a special treatment to be reactivated but they will not tell without an exorbitant reward. Dr. Lazarus tries to help Chen, but cannot manage the marble to work again. Taggert, disappointed, throws the marble to Laredo, saying he might know a friend who can play with it. Laredo, surprised, rolls it in a circle and first nothing happens, but then the twinkling comes back. Quickly reinstalled, Chen can recreate the mirror effect, and after some demonstration with the ship blasters, the Gdonks flee. However, the Beryllium engines got overloaded and  destroyed the magic marble so it is just a black ball with red and white stripes now. Although Laredo wants to keep it, Dr. Lazarus takes it, saying it is better this way before somebody gets another idea to come across the Meechan area.

Episode #88: "Crab Scrap" Neu

Lt. Madison askingA giant ship, looking like a crab, gribs the Protector and deposites the ship at the border of a black hole where escaping is inpossible. The crew is surprised when they see that hundred of other more or less destroyed ships are circulating around the hole. Not knowing why they were brought to this place, Lt. Madison screams when she sees that the crab disassembles a wreck and assembles some parts as enhancement of its shield. Dr. Lazarus can fetch up a strange broadcasting message coming from the black hole and when he translate it, it says once there was a high developed civilisation here who created the crab robot ship to collect all carp metal around for ship production. But one day, an asteroid hit the crab so it assembled all kind of dangerous material and a big explosion of subspace energy created the black hole which finally destroyed the planet of the civilisation. Commander Taggert gets surpised when he sees a Meechan ship not far away and orders Lt. Madison to establish a communication. The Meechans cannot escape also but discovered that the crab produces enough anti-graviation when it moves in circles and they need the Proctector for their plan. Although Dr. Lazarus warns Taggert that the Meechan plan is risky, Taggert agrees. Laredo starts to fire blasters and drives the ship chaos-like so the crab comes near to check this, but then the Meechans fire also and destroy some of the metal parts near them. While the crab tries to control both and turning around all the time, the Meechans can use the anti-gravitiy to escape. Unfortunately, the energy was not enough for two ships so the Protector could escape the hole but the crab follows it tightly. Fortunately Tech Sgt. Chen gets the right idea to start one of his latest inventions originally used for emergency landings: With his special generator, the Protector produces a foam jacket and when it is established, the crab looses interest as it is only interested in metal and disappears. Unfortunately, Chen did not complete the removal procedure so the entire crew has to remove the foam manually before they can continue the flight.

Episode #89: "Homo Sapiens Lazarus" Neu

Dr. Lazarus as humanTech Sgt. Chen has to stay on star base 19 for a special course about using plasma energy, so Commander Taggert has to fly without him to Canorus III. When they want to land on the planet surface, an unknown assistant of Chen operates the transporter and when they arrive, all is fine, except the fact that Taggert, Lt. Madison and Laredo are Mak´Tars while Dr. Lazarus is human. Unfortunaltely, the transporter got a short circuit and needs to be repaired, so they cannot go back quickly. So they try to master the unusual situation. While Dr. Lazarus has to learn how to come along with a more sensitive body, the others have to learn to overcome with stronger feelings and longing for insectiod food of the Mak´Tars. Their order is to find the mineral Quantillium because the same professor who teaches Chen in plasma energy said it could be more powerful than Beryllium. Unfortunately, the mineral is placed in a vulcan with hot temperature guarded by primitive inhabitants. They first try to get rid of the primitives by using their nebulizers  to warn them, but the guns did not work due to the vulcan energy radiation. Finally Taggert got a good idea, but Dr. Lazarus did not like it: As a human, he has to play the decoy for the primitives and while they hunt him, the others, now Mak´Tars and heat-resistant, can get the mineral. That works only partly as they can get the mineral but cannot escape as the primitives blocked the only exit of the vulcan with stones. While hunted from the enemies, Dr. Lazarus shouts them they should use their common power by calling "Larak Tarath" together, they manage to remove the stones, and they even can do this successfully. But the primitives now get Dr. Lazarus and when the others try to help him, they got caught also. Short before the enemies push them to fall down the vulcan, they are transported back, but the ship is different - it is the "Union" which took Chen to Canorus III when he heard the transporter was damanged. When they arrive, they have the right shapes again. Chen explains the other transporter mixed their shape patterns so they got exchanged. At the end, when Chen finished his studies about Quantillium, he reports it cannot replace Beryllium but be used to keep its structure longer intact. Dr. Lazarus answers he does not want to replace his Mak´Tar being, even when his structure cannot be intact longer. The others laugh.

Episode #90: "The Gdonk King" Neu

MeechanA pack of eval Meechans kidnap Dr. Lazarus while he and Commander Taggert are on an extraordinary mission on an uncharted planet. Happy that they can get rid of the peacemaker, they put him in a space capsule and fire it in the center of a wormhole. However, that was witnessed by a Gdonk ship and their commander informs Taggert but only wants to tell the location of Dr. Lazarus for a favour. He asks Taggert that he could do the Commander job as he wants to become the new king of his group which is only possible for the one with the largest ship due to an old Gdonk custom. Taggert agrees grundging and has now to accept that the Gdonk tells his group the crew are his  slaves, demonstrates his new power and is finally declared to be the king. Unfortunately, he enjoys to play the commander and when Taggert protests, he warns him he will never know the location of Dr. Lazarus. Finally the king attacks a heavy Meechan war ship and suddenly 5 other ships of the same class appear behind the first, starting to strike back. Taggert sees the only chance to escape by a direct flight into the wormhole and orders this although the Gdonk protests loudly. On the half way through, they become more and more slow and are finally thrown back like hitting an elastic band. Tech Sgt. Chen explains that his wormhole is one of the rare deformed ones leading to no other place than itself. Fortunately the Meechan war ships are gone, but Taggert knows now he has been tricked and forces the Gdonk to tell Dr. Lazarus´ location. Surprisingly the doctor is hidden in a cold chamber of the Protector, just among them. After they sent the king home and Dr. Lazarus is defrosted , they want to drink to his return, but Taggert does not find the bottle. When Lt. Madison sees it just behind him, Dr. Lazarus comments "Peter, from now on please look aside first before somewhere else."

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